Holy Paladin Healing is Feeling Somewhat Weak

90 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm looking at a comparison for healing from a resto shaman, and a holy paladin (Me), and I'm noticing that a shamans heals are more powerful than a paladins.
From 2 resto shamans, roughly same geared as me, they roughly had:
Greater Heal Wave average - 102k Hit, 159k Crit.
Healing Wave average - 45k Hit, 80k Crit.
Chain Heal Average - 25k Hit, 50k Crit.
Healing Surge Average - 60k Hit, 120k Crit.

While my heals are going for:
Holy Light Average - 25k Hit, 50k Crit.
Divine Light Average - 48K Hit, 96k Crit.
Flash of Light Average - 37K Hit, 75K Crit.

Shamans are healing for about twice as much as I'm healing. I feel that a paladins healing is weak and slow too.
I'm interested in what you people think and have to say. Please, no pointless 1 sentence posts.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
greater heal is not feeling oomfy enough either.
How are greater healing wave and healing touch?
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100 Tauren Druid
This is a terrible comparison, and no offense, but the OP is just wrong.

I'm equally geared as tank and resto, even though Resto is my main.
For the record Healing touch is healing for less than the Greater Healing Wave you posted.

Fact of the matter, I que for Heroics as Tank for the last 2 or 3 pieces I am missing on my Resto set.

Greater Healing Wave heals for more than your spells for a reason. Your combination of bubbles and heals are absolutely dominating other healers when I am tanking. I Chain pull unless the healer needs mana (because I care for and watch healers mana since I am main spec Resto)
There's only 2 classes currently that rarely, if ever, require a mana break.

These two classes are Holy Paladins and Resto Druids. Resto Shamans are not too far behind.
This tells me that these classes of healers are quite powerful, because I push my Heroics to the limit of my healers mana. And quite frankly, as OS tank being quite a bit weaker than my main spec Resto, Pally healers are soooooooo much stronger at healing Guardian tanks. Those bubbles they have are absolutely incredible and quite frankly, I'd expect a nerf.

From my tanking perspective, the only class that needs signifigant work currently is Disc priests.
They're OOM every 1-3 trash mobs unless they're in near BIS.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
@OP: You do have to keep in mind that druid and shaman heal values incorporate their mastery, while pally/priest values do not. My paladin, in full quest gear, is running about 20% mastery - a ready-to-raid paladin would be higher - which pushes your given paladin heal numbers up to 60-75% of shaman numbers. Including Beacon (whose overhealing can now be controlled a lot more with off-GCD swaps) moves our heals up to 82-122%.

I will say that Divine Light is looking extraordinarily weak. At 82% of GHW's strength after including Beacon and Mastery, and at 97% of GHW's cost, DL really just looks sad. When you factor in Selfless Healer, it looks sad even within the paladin toolkit. FoL and HL, however, seem fairly solid. And LoD is just fantastic.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Your numbers are quite off comparing to what I saw tonight in my raid.

Here's what my heals were going for:
Holy Light Average - 35k Hit, 70k Crit.
Divine Light Average - 65K Hit, 130k Crit.
Flash of Light Average - I actually didn't use flash very often.. so I can hardly remember but I'm sure it was around 40k'ish something on hits and like 80k or 90k crits.
Light's Hammer was insane and was ticking for like 12k and crits for 25k. Very good.
Holy Radiance - Around 25k hits, 50k crits.
Holy Shock - 70k crits most of the time. Barely saw non-crits so I can't remember.

You must also consider our mastery which is currently very good. I was at 30% buffed.
So all my heals applied a quite decent amount of absorbs.
For example a 130k Divine Light applied around a 50k absorb. So yeah.. consider everything when you compare classes.
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I cant believe someone is comparing to a resto shaman hahahha. And to be fair i run oom so muh faster vs our holy paladin. I do a bit more healing but oom
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
10/03/2012 12:22 AMPosted by Atimar
I feel that a paladins healing is weak and slow too.

I feel the same way. I will wait until i have more gear and progress raid wise and look at logs from myself and other players before I complain though. One thing I noticed is that even though my healing was very low (120k crits on divine light which in some cases is not even 1/4 of a tanks hp - makes it hard if you don't crit) i have no problem keeping people up in heroics, this is because of our mastery and our cooldowns.

Most of our healing comes from Mastery and Beacon so use it wisely.
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100 Tauren Shaman
The only way a GHW can hit that much is if the target is below 10%(Even then, ~80k is max non-crit in these gear levels) or they used Unleashed Fury with ES.
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90 Draenei Shaman
This is a joke thread right? Shamans have had higher single individual heal numbers since Cata when our mastery could be utilized properly. Link your overall numbers, not single hit/crits...that doesn't even paint a true picture.

And are you referring to raids or five mans? With that 15% from five mans I've seen 197k GHW crits, and my gear is terrible. But that's Shaman mastery
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