Politician slammed for playing WoW...

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I thought this was very interesting. I'm not a big politics kind of guy, but the Republicans in Maine here are embarrassing themselves with this sort of criticism. I mean, could they find nothing else to focus their criticism on to convince people to not vote Democrat? "QQ, she plays World of Warcraft. She's a horrible person. Don't vote for her!" Is that the best they can do?

Heck, if I lived there, I'd vote for her just to spite these stupid people and support a fellow gamer.

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Democracy is evil.
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10/06/2012 07:31 PMPosted by Judson
Democracy is evil.
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All this goes to show is that some forms of bigotry that I didn't expect to see today are well-rooted in certain corners of American society.

Makes me wish I lived in Maine, so I could smack some of the people responsible for this.
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Maine will forever be a blue state because it has the largest population of people on welfare in the country. So she will get elected regardless. Some people can't help themselves and they depend on the government to do what many of them are to lazy to do.
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People aren't criticized for playing sports or being an avid reader or having a stamp collection. Unless the hobby is something like making suits out of human skin, why pick on someone who plays a video game as their hobby? Better yet, why is playing a video game where you kill virtual boars for quests worse than actually hunting and killing delicious boars with rifles?

This is just an extension of high school for these people where they can't pick on nerds as easily anymore as well as being a desperate ([EDIT] and failed, lol) Republican smear attempt. I'd be surprised if it swayed anyone who's picked up a controller.
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