Ethereal Mischief is a Casual Guild looking to build members who want to run Dungeons, Scenarios, Challenge Modes and Battlegrounds. Anyone who is interested in joining may do so by leaving me a message here or in game with any member. We accept all Classes, all Levels, no matter what time you are on or how often. Our goal is to grow as a Guild, and have Fun above all.

Who We Are
Friendly and Helpful group of people. We joke around with each other and are always welcoming to new members. We have members who enjoy pvp, questing, and WoW Lore.

What We Seek
We seek mature players, however we don't consider age as a measure of matureity. That is defined through your actions. Someone who is here to have fun with the Game.

What we offer
A Drama free Guild. Got questions about the game (classes, lore, places, quests) feel free to ask as many as you want. Since we have fun with the game, we offer a great place to learn and practice if you want to try Tanking and Healing. Also we offer a good place if you would like to make an alt.

Try us out and if we are not for you, then we wish you the best of luck.