Trouble with spirit?

100 Draenei Shaman
I just had MoP added to my account a few days ago. I played the great majority of Cata with my beloved Shammy. Thing is, since MoP started, I'm finding spirit boosting gear hard to come by. I suspect I understand why a lot of that is; When I'm questing, I have to go with my secondary spec, Elemental, and since spirit isn't as important for elemental shamans, spirit boosting gear isn't going to come up as often. As a result, I'm running out of mana a lot faster than I'd like.

Is anyone else having trouble with this? Suggestions on how I can solve it?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I quested as disc, and even then, quest rewards with no spirit on it still showed up. I would just reforge at this point (unless you can quest as resto? if that could help... questing as disc was slow but doable) and just do regular dungeons here and there and get some spirit upgrades from there.
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90 Worgen Druid
Questing as a resto druid (I don't know about shammies) was painful, with 4-5k dps, but it was doable, and since I could heal, the insanely fast respawns aren't always a problem. Questing as balance hiked my dps up to 20k (and I hadn't played balance at all since level 40 or so). The faster you quest, the faster you'll get to level 90, so I'd suggest getting your spirit gear from dungeons and just working on quests for experience, reforging what you can from your quest gear.

Unless you dungeon more than you quest and don't mind being slow on quests, in which case questing as resto could be the solution.

Alternatively, before you get the quest (or before you turn it in, I don't know when the reward is determined), switch specs. It could be a hassle, but it could work.
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