Scum's Legend (Story)

90 Worgen Warrior
Hi, everyone! Uhm... Uhm... Oh! Hi! My name is Scum, but my REAL name is Ziggy Belina! I wanna tell you a story, and hopefully you won't call me crazy! This is a story about an ancient land, FAR HIGH up in the sky in Hyjal!<br/> They were called the Floating Isles, hehe, simple, And they were inhabited by a many elves, and even humans in the later years! The lands were magic-rich, green, exotic, and beautiful! But the most mystical thing about these Isles were the guardians of the Isles, the grand Celestials, winged knights made up of the stars themselves, and their goddess, Milliana! Well... Milliana would choose one mortal to be her vessel, and so she picked Richelle Morgan, to be it! <br/> Richelle became queen of the Isles, a good, nice, BEAUTIFUL queen! She helped anyone and everyone, but still remained loyal to her goddess! Richelle had a brother, a basic infantry man in the Isle's Army, to stave off small Troll attacks. This brothers name was Malakhai, and despite Richelle's height of power, she loved him dearly. But, it came time to choose a champion, one to protect ALL of the isles! Malakhai, a mortal man amongst a dozen Celestial-blessed others, lined to be a champion! He didn't believe in strength above all, just loyalty, love, and dedication. He believed those three things could overcome ANY obstacle! <br/> The Celestial-blessed men showed their strength to the queen, to gain her favor and blessing. They would show their bladesmanship, power, even their ability to command! But none of them impressed her quit as much as Malakhai, who simply stood there, exclaiming his love of the Isles and Milliana, and how he would, even if he WASN'T chosen as champion, do everything in his power to protect his home, queen, and everything he loved!<br/> Richelle was moved, and with no hesitation picked Malakhai as her champion, the defender of the Isles. Surprise was stricken in the other competitor's faces, but none liften a word against the queen.<br/> And prove a great defender, Malakhai did. Dragon attacks, Troll invasions, even an undead outbreak, Malakhai was able to push through, but not without the help of the Isles army (whom he happily shared credit with! hehe...).<br/> Until one day, twelve years later, the Queen fell ill. A minor thing, it seemed, at first, but Malakhai saw his sister and queen grow worst and worst each day. He saught out the best healers of the Isles, begged the goddess, even gathered a vial of dragon's tears for her! But, none of them seemed to help...

Oh! Uhm, guys! I gotta go! I'm sorry, I hope you liked it, but if you did, I'll say the rest later! Bye! Oooo... Squirrel...
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