Why hasn't PvP been addressed?

90 Blood Elf Warlock
10/08/2012 08:13 PMPosted by Yenpanda
You are saying shadow is good just because you play shadow. you need a nerf the same way mages/bm/hunters do, don't hide.

Signed, 1500 Mage.

Get good and then try posting.

Shadow is already destroyed by Hunters, Warriors, and Mage.

BRB while I press all of my buttons at the same time and go AFK while my Shadowfiend kills something. Oh wait, I can't do that. Instead, I'll gib a fully PvP geared target in 5 seconds while CCing it's entire team. Oh wait, I can't do that either.

you shouldnt be able to do that your shadowfiend shouldnt kill ppl you're not a demo lock bro
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90 Orc Hunter
Shut up pvp guy.
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90 Human Paladin
I agree Ret feels like it is in a very balanced spot right now...having a small mana pool (2-3 casts max) and having to spend a generated resource on our non-mana heals (sacrificing damage output to do so). We have good cooldowns for dealing with casters this xpac, but we have virtually nothing for dealing with physical damage classes...which is compounded by the current state of warriors and hunters, which more or less wreck rets.

For Spriests I'd say increase the mana cost of Flash Heal by like 35%...warrior, bm hunter, and mages all need nerfs to burst damage....bm hunter could use a slight sustained damage buff...warriors need to have their control nerfed as well...as suggested taking gag order off pummel would be a wise choice. Mages need to lose a snare/root or have one put on a longer cooldown (for frost) Fire seems like it is fairly balanced but could use a tweak...rogues need to be tweak...maybe slight damage buff...

Resto Druid and Holy Pally need less damage/CC ability...I've yet to encounter a monk in arena...not sure what is up with that. DK's feel...weird...tweak maybe?

Can we PLEASE get the targeting issue with Word of Glory fixed? I don't care if the enemy target is LoS, out of range, obscured, feigned, dead, or anything else...auto-self cast the damn heal! I don't have Harsh Words glyph!!!!
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
Blizzard please look at this stuff sooner rather than later.

    - Take Bestial Wrath off Readiness, tone down pet damage (unsure if it's Lynx Rush or not?)
    - Buff Beast Hunter sustained damage with weapons to make up for lost burst during BW.
    - Ring of Frost cooldown increased to 3 minutes, however make it instant and use the same mechanics as it does now (ie. trigger instantly). That way it opens up the first tier in the Mage tree for more options, currently, taking POM is a no-brainer. With melee mobility (specifically Warriors) being the way it is at the moment, I feel like I really need more options when I am being trained (ie. Scorch or Ice Floes.)
    - Reduce Frostbomb damage, buff Frostbolt damage by a decent amount. Ice Lance damage feels about right.
    - Things need to DR with Cyclone.
    - Take Gag Order off of Pummel.
    - Make Avatar an enrage effect, so it can be dispelled by certain team setups.
    - Place an internal cooldown on Second Wind, so it is viable to switch back to them once it's procced once.
    - Add shared cooldowns to certain Warrior offensive abilities so they can't pop them all at once and kill people in a Shockwave.
    - Nerf all hybrid off-healing by large amount.
    - Add crit modifiers for Rogues on Ambush/ Backstab again so they can actually put out some decent pressure inside of dance.
    - Increase cooldown to 45 seconds on Repentance. Holy Paladins do not need this stupid amount of CC.
    - Reduce the amount of damage reduction talents Resto Druids have. Basically unkillable at the moment.
    - Nerf healing spec damage in general. A Resto Druid being able to HOT his partner, Displacer Beast to my healer, and drop him 30-40% in a pounce stun should not be allowed, he is a healer for crying out loud. With the amount of stuff we have to look out for in 3s now, peeling a HEALER off YOUR healer, should not be one of them.
    - Instant CC in general needs to be toned down.

There are other things, like Discs for example. But not sure what we can do there. Some of the above changes would somewhat fix them I think.

TL;DR - stop turning this game in to a homogenized load of garbage. Every class has something of everything. The beauty of PVP in the past was each class brought something different to the table. You had cookie cutter comps. It was called class synergy. THIS WAS A GOOD THING. Now the game is just an absolute !@#$-fest full of burst damage, burst healing, and instant CC. Stop listening to the whingers and giving everyone everything they want.


Right in all aspects. Quoting and Upping.

Please read this.
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57 Undead Rogue
10/10/2012 12:12 AMPosted by Wydra
Shut up pvp guy.


For anyone not in the know, this is a real Blizzard statement that was said with all seriousness when regarding Diablo 3. At a quick glance at Blizzard's track record with PvP in WoW it's not hard to see this is how they feel with it as well.
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100 Undead Rogue
My team only dies from BM hunters globalling them. Rofl
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100 Worgen Priest
Really. I see complaints about shadow priest in this thread? Yes I play a Spriet but I can be countered.

Mages who complain about shadow priest just get out of here. You can spam spellsteal as much as you want at no recoil. Was in a arena mage and a mage and I were trading off spellsteal and dispells. But the time everything was said and done he had 50k more mana then I did.

All it takes is a good melee to shut us down. Usually a warrior and even a good enhance shaman. DKs can be a pain too but its there. If you don't know how to counter a shadow priest I suggest you learn.
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90 Human Death Knight
Warriors OP.....JK /shiv /soothe /tranq, etc..

Use your brains.

Also, get gear before evaluating balance issues. That's what lead to perpetual warrior nerfs in past seasons - complaining about warriors before everyone is properly geared, then when they are, warriors don't hit for bleep.
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90 Tauren Warrior
Im a war and im all for nerfing our burst 5 minute cooldown macros honestly;

And dont get me wrong I absolutely love picking out the weakest geared HEALER and popping all my stuff, Im already in pvp gear and theres a ton of fresh 90's and PvE guys in the bg's.

But the truth is, some of these nerfs im reading don't make any sense. A war can be feared/disarmed/cycloned/stunned/icetrapped/knockbacked, etc etc when they do pop their cooldowns for one.

Secondly, the sustained dps for this class is pretty bad when the cooldowns aren't available.

Rogues popping their cooldowns will kill something, they kill me; but I dont use any defensive or offensive cooldowns on a red rogue, I'll take the death if the pvp encounter isn't important; I save those for healing classes, aspecially Resto druids; where I cant even drop them to 80% health when they're in treeform and I popped all my cooldowns.

But nerfing something like doubletime will break the class like it when Bliz took away charge/intercept, it completely broke the class just from 1 change. Im all for nerfing burst and raising sustained DPS for this class. But again, we can do that once every 5 minutes. BM Hunters go red way quicker than once every 5 minutes. If you guys want to nerf burst and give these classes a sustained dps along the lines of a DK, that's fine.
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90 Human Paladin

think u mean sprist and lock
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90 Worgen Druid
You would think blizz would care because the wow market is declining and in the end, PvP community will be paying their bills.

Simple answer /unsubscribe
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90 Undead Mage
Guess you forgot to leave out hunter's
i will admit mage's are very good atm, but not as bad as war's and hunter's
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90 Human Warrior
LOL make avatar removable? You're kidding right? So we can get kited once again? Pallies have complained so much of having wings being dispellable and they finally get what they wanted. But when warriors get their playtoy, peeps want to just take it away. With so so many classes being able to remove enrage effects, making avatar an enrage effect is just dumb. This isn't magic where you can stack buffs so your most useful buffs might not get removed. Making it an enrage effect would almost guarantee its removal every time an opponent abilties like tranquilizing shot, shiv, and soothe, thus making it useless against most comps. And its on a 3 min CD ffs.

Our sustained is terrible btw. If they do tone down our CDs, they need to give us higher sustained dmg.
Edited by Mikeifgf on 10/10/2012 8:35 AM PDT
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90 Human Warrior
You would think all the cries for mage nerfs from X years ago would happen by now. I'm starting to believe they don't care about PvP.
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90 Gnome Priest
10/10/2012 07:32 AMPosted by Jaxsen
But the truth is, some of these nerfs im reading don't make any sense. A war can be feared/disarmed/cycloned/stunned/icetrapped/knockbacked, etc etc when they do pop their cooldowns for one.

Fear? Berserker Rage
Disarm? for a whole 3 seconds
Cyclone/Stunned/Trapped? Sure, but if you have all cooldowns popped you will probably trinket it for maximum uptime
Knockback? one of your three thousand charges
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I played on the arena server today. Blizzard said they won't nerf anything yet because nobody really has gear to determine how the metagame will play out. Well, blizzard..


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