Patch 5.0.5 PvP Healing Nerf

90 Human Priest
Healing and shielding effects applied to players that have been involved in PvP combat are now reduced by 15% .

I agree healing needed to be brought in line but I do NOT agree with a one size fits all solution. Five different classes and 6 different healing specs do not have the same healing output. You cannot have a paper rock scissors game and a single size bandaid for a problem.

Nerf hybrid healing (especially ret word of glory) and go through each individual healing class/spec and adjust as needed. Also, you completely ignored regen and defensive dispel. There is so much crowd control it is nearly overwhelming. Why implement much more than ever before and ignore balancing it with defensive mechanics?

Lastly, as a priest lover through and through since December 2006, I personally feel this nerf hits the Disc Priest community the hardest. Would love to see a blue post explaining the current decision but won't hold my breath.

Drqt 3.14

(PS - Please work on Rogue mechanics/survivability now and give the Rogue community something to look forward to. Your communication skills are lacking for Rogue lovers and I find it insulting.)
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90 Human Priest
My personal opinion doesn't matter but I feel damage output -> crowd control -> healing (in that order) should have been priority.

I believe I can speak for MANY if not MOST of the PvP community when I say, please hotfix the bug ....... hunter pets ignoring resilience. I regret not taking combat log screen shots and taking logs in general. (If this has been hotfixed during my sleep/work time please correct me)

Survivability & Healing would be easier to address when damage output is brought in line.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I choose poison!
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90 Draenei Shaman
I just think it's hilarious they nerfed healing when there are a ton of specs running around obliterating people in seconds.

Mages, warriors, BM hunters...

Healing is op too, I've seen >300k (highest was ~390k, and that's before aa) crits with unleash elements. Obviously that needs nerfing, but agree that a flat 15% nerf was stupid - that hurts classes that already suck a lot more than resto shamans/druids.
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100 Troll Priest
hope i get hit for more chaos bolts and pyroblasts that do 200k damage while my healing is reduced to 0 hps cause im 8second silenced or stunned the whole time.

PS: could someone peel this warrior off me plox ty
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100 Blood Elf Mage
Did this surprise anyone? Blizzard has decided Shadow is now the PvP Priest spec. You can't even find an RBG as Disc right now. The spec is dead weight in PvP.
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90 Troll Druid
I noticed you have my name, OP.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
10/21/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Fleurs
I noticed you have my name, OP.

I notice you have my old name from Black Dragonflight
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100 Goblin Shaman
I just think it's hilarious they nerfed healing when there are a ton of specs running around obliterating people in seconds.

Mages, warriors, BM hunters...

Agreed 100%...

SWTOR pretty much started with this in effect, and i disliked it, but it seemed needed. I quit swtor awhile ago, but it's pvp was MUCH more balanced than WoW.

I think WoW has run It's course, and blizzard wants to make It's final days memorable, so we'll all see wow as the game that was never balanced correctly...and in the end, any hopes of balance flew out the window. :D
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90 Troll Priest
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Thank you for the nerf blizzard! Just when i thought restos for shammys in PvP were already under OP! Now i get my !@# kicked by anyone 1v1 since this nerf!

Blizzard look at how much ccs we shammys have hex! And 1 interrupt! and our hex has a big cd compared to locks instant fears and pet stuns and crap!

And ontop of this my healz are even more poop than ever before i went from 35k hps down to 15k hps thanks a whole lot! Tried doing an arena and i got 2 shot pretty much cause i cannot keep myself up!

And don't tell me about the speed increase crap how is that going to help me vs a caster or a warrior with infinite charge i would not have time to run before i fall because the healz are poop!

FIX THIS NOW BLIZZARD DON"T YOU ALL TEST THIS $%^- BEFORE YOU RELEASE A FKN PATCH? I'm not the only one pissed off.. i just fell that i must address that you're developers are morons! this game is 8 years old ffs balance it already christ...

Blizzard word of advice stop changing *!@# just balance the $%^-ing game beta test it and leave it the fk alone! like I'm about to say fk this game and leave cause this isn't fun resto is the only fkn thing i do and you trashed it for me.. and all of us. DICKS!

(For all those who disagree IDC i will not reply this is an open message)
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90 Dwarf Priest
I must echo the the post above. Healing especially as disc is so far from fun or entertaining in any kind of pvp. Arena's are pretty much a joke - I pretty much have over half my games were im lucky if I get off 2-3 spells before im dead. stun stun fear stun silence dead. Rated battlegrounds pretty much you always have a flashing light over your head that says im a healer kill me, but the only priest you will see are shadow. I wouldn't call myself the greatest disc priest ever, but ive held my own for years on several severs. It certainly seems that the duration and multitude of instant stuns, silences, fears and my lack of burst healing has destroyed my usefulness and any entertainment of trying to heal in the pvp environment.
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90 Undead Warrior
Yep i felt fine for weeks healing with my rshammy but the moment i hit a higher bracket with alike geared players i just get my !@#$ kicked in no matter that i am kiting them or and popping everything. And I am still getting my %^-* kicked in even tho my Healing tide and spirit link are down and being avoided completely by the opposing team.
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