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90 Pandaren Monk
i came here bekuz ther are trolls but ther few and far between iv seen alot of posts about us being squishy the bigest draw back to bm is chi gen and cost every 1 of our major tankin spells cost 2 chi 1 spell that gens 2 keg smash and jab gens 1 chi i really think we need a over haul dont get me wrong i like bm alot way more than ww but some stuff needs to be changed

jab should gen 2 chi and work like a cleave if u use a staff or pole arms like ww

bekuz were so reliant on guard since we dont block guard should cost 1 chi

zen sphere should stay the same i like it costing 2 chi 1 chi would make it a lil oped

brew master should have a block call it iron plam idk just some thots
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90 Pandaren Monk
For the love of God, go back to school and learn to English. I would say learn to spell, but you need help in basic sentence structure as well.

I am sure there is some interesting ideas in there...somewhere, but no one is going to see it because of the high crime against the English language you just committed.
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90 Human Death Knight
I think he's foreign. He got a Monk to 60 in only two weeks.
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