Bad luck run. Thought it was kinda funny.

90 Draenei Shaman
Okay so I just dinged a few hrs ago. I go into a few heroics and all is well. I la dee da through all of them and life is good. Even though im wearing greens, life is dandy. Mana isnt an issue because ppl know wtf they are doing now.

Then I get the bad run. No, not bad them, bad me.

I herbed a golden lotus and had the find treasure buff. I forget I even have it and come into a H scarlet run. The treasure drops and I roll need because I thought it was from, you know, me having the buff. Someone says they have it too. I immediately feel like a jerk and tell everyone they can reroll after boss dies. I apologize profusely. I am usually a nicey nicey person and I probably should have just rolled greed like I always do. I tell them all to /roll after boss and I will give to winner.

I see it is soulbound >.< Strike one. I tell them I will pass on all non-spirit mail H loot to make up for it. Derp.

So anyways one minute later we are clearing more trash. My screen freezes and yep... dc. I log back in, dead, already embarrassed and APOLOGIZE AGAIN.

They are cool w it.

Anyways, blades of light guy. Someone asks if everyone knows fight and I simply state, ya. Just dont get stuck in blades of light. Simple, right?

Guess what happens...

I go to ghost wolf to run away and my cam goes wonky. I pop a HTT to keep everyone alive just in case I get grabbed... and yep I did.

I died and immediately dropped group. Wow.

Anyone else ever have facepalm runs like that? They arent often but mannnnnn. So embarrassing.
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90 Goblin Shaman
Not quite the same but here's my recent /facepalm run:

I almost always get 2 melee dps who eat massive avoidable damage, sometimes even 3 melee. On my resto Druid, resto shaman, holy pally AND disc. I mutter and seethe and poop mana into them.

I rage, and ask the universe why I don't get more ranged dps.

A few days ago I finally decided to main this shaman, and promptly got that heroic with the giant bug boss who drops the sweet spirit mace. Guess what I got for dps?

Yup. I got my wish. Shadow priest, moonkin, ele shaman.

Guess who did not win the mace? That's right. Me. Be careful what you wish for. :)
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90 Goblin Shaman
Aaaaand, just did it again with a warrior tank, 2 hunters and a rogue. Mace dropped again. :)

Goes to show laughing at bad fortune leads to reward? Maybe?
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