Monk tanking in MSV

90 Human Monk
How is it so far? Squishy? Spiky?

Any thoughts you got just push em out. I'll probably be tanking for my raids.

I was gonna go mistweaver but I am starting to fall in love with brewmaster since I started tanking heroics with it.

Also whats your health look like? I haven't gemmed as gems are up the !@# expensive on my server right now. I'm only sitting at 419k unbuffed and I have 2 stam trinkets
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74 Worgen Warlock
419 sounds slightly low.

Monks don't seem particularly squishy from what I've seen if they know what they're doing. Very active mitigation based though, you will eat hits that will make Wrath bosses blush if you don't stay on top of your !@#$.
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90 Night Elf Monk
Well after seeing challenge modes I was really worried what would happen in raids, but after 2 nights and clearing 4/6.... I can say that our DK spikes harder than I do, so I'm no longer very worried about it, even the odd hits with shuffle down were not that bad, although that could change with the increased damage in heroics, only time will tell.

Guess I can note that I'm going the hit+hard expertise caps and stacking haste+crit after.
Currently have 464k hp unbuffed with 2 stam trinkets which I do not always use, depends on how much spike damage there is. (Elegon explosions while tanking the boss are a great example of lots of burst damage, when diffuse magic is on CD anyway)
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100 Draenei Death Knight
The other tank in my guild is a monk and she did just fine. She is going exp+stam then exp/hit/haste/agi once she has sufficient stamina from gear.
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