Advice for Role-playing a Kirin Tor Mage

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Hi, I'm making a Kirin Tor alt and would like to know any tips or tricks on Roleplaying a mage, anything from what mount to have to what they act like! Thanks
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Please, for the love of all that is holy, do not style your character as an archmage.
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You hate necromancy.
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The Kirin Tor are, by the large, magic snobs. They place a high premium on study and reserach, and guard their magical secrets, from the spells they create to the discovers they make VERY closely. The look down on more common magi, often arrogantly holding themselves as superior. They aren't likely to leave Dalaran unless it's on official business either: if you want your character to be hanging around Stormwind or Ironforge make sure to invent some particular phenomena their looking into, or experiment that can only be done in that place, or alternatively have them be assigned there by the Kirin Tor higher ups for some reason or another.

Which is another thing, hierarchy is HUGE among the Kirin Tor, but it's not something that's likely to be public knowledge. NEVER discuss rank around or with non-Kirin Tor, but ALWAYS defer to those RPing as your superiors, also have you character be very concerned with rank internally, constantly trying to advance, both in study and position.

But most of all make sure your character tries to perpetuate and arua of superiority and mysticism- it doesn't always have to be successful but your character should always try to make himself or herself seem to be above everyone else, and try to appear wise and knowledgeable even when their not.
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