Cross Faction Role-Play

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Cross faction RP seems to be very difficult if not impossible. I was wondering what ideas/suggestions you have on how Blizz can maybe improve it
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It's actually very possible.

Just battletag conversation a bunch of people on both horde and alliance and create a battletag chat.

Granted you can't do it all in /say but you can do all the typing in the chat window instead.
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Back in TBC we had two folks over Ventrilo talking to eachother to explain what everyone was saying during an event on the Night Elf ship that traveled from Darkshore to Teldrassil.

Y'know, back when there wasn't all out war and folks were kinda' just tense all the time. And there were some territory disputes and all that.
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In WoW alpha Horde could group with Alliance, I kindof wish that couldve been current. Cause that wouldve made RP in my opinion much more fun
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10/08/2012 06:07 PMPosted by Juzlin
In WoW alpha Horde could group with Alliance, I kindof wish that couldve been current. Cause that wouldve made RP in my opinion much more fun

Except we didn't have RP for six months after release.

Well, we did in pockets, but there were no actual dedicated servers to RP.
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With things like Real ID and battle tags, and ventrillo, there is not much standing in your way. I do it a lot with friends who like to rp some really different storylines. True you cannot use emotes or the jokes and so forth that are in game, but you can still talk to each other and rp in the chat window.
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There's a good bit of cross faction roleplay on my realm. The AAMS used to help coordinate cross faction RP by 'translating' things for each side involved, but as other people have said, with the advent of Real ID and Battletags, it's become very simple just to create a Battletag window for everyone to use.

On how to improve it? It would be really nice if people who were tagbuddies could all join the same raid and communicate. Say, if I saw a Horde friend of mine, I could invite him to join my party, even if my other party members don't have a battletag. It would allow people who weren't on the battletag system to join in.

Or at least up the number of people allowed in a conversation. We've hit the max participants pretty often, resulting in players having to 'sit out' the main RP and rely on others to tell them what's going on.
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