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Both PVE and PVP - All Welcome!

We are currently looking for experienced PvPers interested in Battlegrounds and Arena, and Raiders interested in casual raiding. Whilst individual skills will be taken into account, we are not simply assembling a random assortment of high level players. As an applicant and member, your ability to work with others to complete battleground objectives, or complete raid requirements will be far more important than your individual finesse.

• Experienced players. All classes/specs.
• People looking to raid in a core spot – Past experience preferred but not required.
• Be able to backup claims with armory or screenshot, if asked. ("I swear I'm ridiculous at this game but I got hacked and have no evidence of such!" No thanks. I'm not spending an hour on vent with you just to figure out the chain of ownership of your previous characters.)
• Communicative & agreeable attitude. Need players to talk on vent during games/raids, but not players with huge egos that don't listen to directions. If you're too shy or a rager, we’re not for you.

As anyone is welcome, you aren’t required to raid. Part of the point of this recruitment thread is purely to build a social base for the guild. You are however more than welcome to attend raids if spots in the core group arise. Currently specific raid times haven’t been formed. But will most likely be 7.00pm – 10pm server time, Wednesday and Sunday. This may be subject to change, but as of now this is where we're at.

Leave your ego at home. Players on power-trips will not be tolerated. We are a tight knit group, founded by real life mates who all support each other in any endeavour they pursue. We do not believe in negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement reigns supreme.

A sense of humour, for the love of god know how to laugh. This is a big one. I know I know there is plenty of rules and seriousness in this game but come have a good time. A group of real life mates from many different

• Anyone levelling – all the levelling perks you need, plus guild repairs.
• PVPers – both serious and casual. We have a number of experienced arena players, and plenty of casual players, both of whom would be happy to play with anyone interested in PVP.
• Casual Raiders – people who are willing to come to a raid if necessary, but aren’t currently assured a spot in every week.
• Core Raiders – at the moment our 10 man group is only truly lacking heals. A Restoration Shaman at this point would be more than ideal, but others could be taken into account.
• Future Raiders – if all goes well, a second 10 man group is on the cards. As such anyone who may see themselves raiding in the future is of course welcome to join.

Any questions and queries you have can be directed to Ambientz in-game.

Thank you for your time,
Shots All Night
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