Thing you dont want to hear healing Pugs 10

100 Tauren Druid
A trick I used to use on my druid tank also works with monks, as long as you don't have a trigger happy group.

While your healer is drinking if you had to stop - find a critter and jab it. There's usually spiders or beetles somewhere close that will give you chi to get guard up :) I used to use it when my rage had died and charge was in CD.

Heh, I had to tell a trigger happy boomkin once to leave the critters alone so I could punch them. Although, I can certainly sympathize with bored moonfire-spamming while the tank lets the healer drink. :D

But the main problem with the Chi generation is that monks have two important defensive abilities that both require Chi, Blackout Kick and Guard. At lower levels, it is all about Guard. If that is up, nothing can hit you. At higher levels, Blackout Kick (which triggers Shuffle) is more important. A bad monk won't have either up, and make the healer very sad.

Very, very sad.
90 Orc Death Knight
So I zone into Will of the Emperor LFR. It's a wipe. There were about 15 dead when I zoned in. About half the group left including the other tank.

A random huntard decides to head to the console.

Me: Wait. We have several dead, our healers are under 50% mana, and we are missing a tank.
Hunter: So?
Me: You guys just wiped to this ... we are not doing this with 5 people dead, and everyone at half mana.
Hunter: It's only LFR.
Me: Will of the Emperor is a 2 tank fight.
Hunter: Yes, but I can misdirect the boss to you. Now shut up.
Me: You don't understand. Will is a 2 tank fight.
Hunter: I said I was going to misdirect!
Me: Don't start the fight. We're down a tank, 2 healers, and like 4-5 dps. [Note: Several people dropped while I was talking to him/her]

"May the great crane guide your steps."

This one reminds me of Ultraxion back in DS. Zone in. Other tank drops. Trash goes ok (considering we had 1 tank, I had to taunt manually down and let the dps tank it).

Then boss comes up. A different huntard (I was alliance back then).

Me: Don't pull. We're down a tank.
Hunter: I can misdirect.
Me: Ultraxion is a 2 tank fight.
Hunter: Noob. You don't understand how this works. I can misdirect.
Me: I still want a second tank.

"Now is the Hour of Twilight!"

We didn't wipe on the Ultraxion LFR one. I was able to push the button at the "1" during each Fading and taunt back immediately after exiting, but still ... people these days. They can't wait 1-2 minutes and would rather risk wiping the group. I mean how often is it that you wipe in LFR and then while 5-10 people are dead/missing some impatient player decides that it's somehow a good idea to start the encounter with people dead, shortages of dps/healers/tanks, and everyone at half hp/mana?
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70 Blood Elf Paladin
I normally heal on my other toons, this one has been leveled as a tank though, this morning I got a chuckleheaded group in Ramparts.
(Yes I know Ramparts is easy as anything)

Zone in and told by one dps and healer to pull multi-groups. No Problem I can tank 3 or 4 groups at once.
Get to first boss, and am clearing out the 3 groups of mobs I pulled, and the healer runs down to the boss with his warrior buddy and pulls the boss group as well as the last 2 groups of mobs, and the guards at the door.

Warrior goes splat, heals goes splat, have 12 or so mobs on me cause they beeline it for the rest of us.

Healer: Fail tank , go back to school, and get out of my game.
Warrior: yeah.
Me: you ranged ahead got stunned LOSed me so I could not save you.
ME: and you forgot the golden rule, do not pull for the tank.
healer: you going to rez us
Warrior: REZ ME
Me: sorry I am the tank I forgot how to rez cause I do not know how to play your game. now be good kids and run back from the graveyard.

I feel sorry for any groups that gets that healer, and it makes me wonder why some people choose healing if they are going to be so impatient that they wipe themselves.
81 Draenei Warrior
01/20/2013 11:05 PMPosted by Attackknight
We didn't wipe on the Ultraxion LFR one. I was able to push the button at the "1" during each Fading and taunt back immediately after exiting, but still ... people these days. They can't wait 1-2 minutes and would rather risk wiping the group. I mean how often is it that you wipe in LFR and then while 5-10 people are dead/missing some impatient player decides that it's somehow a good idea to start the encounter with people dead, shortages of dps/healers/tanks, and everyone at half hp/mana?

I remember getting those kinds of groups on my Shammy and having the same exact talk with some DPS (sadly usually a hunter) about not starting Ultra for the love of all that is holy till we got in two tanks and people were back with the living. Did they listen? Nope...

Just got a group like this for Brewery too on my priest. I was out questing in shadow (I use my healing gear right now) and get the pop for my queue. Zone in and tell them to wait a sec. I'm at the portal and they're at the first boss. Tank pulls and dies while I'm valiantly trying to run to her. She rage quits. Two other DPS rage quit.

But me and the other DPS (who zoned in with me) got a group really fast. Tank is solid and we kill banana breath and move on. The last boss is where things got interesting.

A DPS goes down. Okay, he was brand new to the instance so no biggie with him in stuff - still learning.

Last trash pull before the boss - tank dies. I don't know if it was me not grabbing him fast enough or standing in stuff but he's dead.

Boss is active. Group thinks it's going to be a wipe. I enter what a friend of mine calls "Ultra Libby". I usually get this way while raid tanking, though it happens with any boss. It's where I look at the situation, then at the boss and go "I refuse to die to you, B*. RAWR"

Wish I knew how to trigger it, I'd do it more often if I could. :P

We made it. Pet tank, with another Mage as DPS. It took a lot of mana management since I had to use flash more liberally and couldn't really do atonement since it would have eaten up my mana too quickly. Took us about 2 minutes longer then normal so not bad.

The group was actually pretty cool, very nice and really psyched we made it. We ran again and got Jade Temple. Lost the tank due to him standing in green stuff on the second boss but no biggie and he owned up right away to it. Nice to run with awesome people who don't see a death as the end and give up.

I don't understand the first tank's mentality when I first zoned in. I never would knowingly pull if the healer wasn't there. In all my years tanking I would never do that and will yell at DPS if they pull while I'm waiting. Yet a wipe is somehow better then waiting a moment.
81 Draenei Warrior
I am kind of sad that none of the other healers stood up for us. We clearly weren't to blame on this wipe, so why do they just sit back and take it? I understand the fear of being kicked and all that, but this wasn't on us. We did our job.

I've been finding that healers don't stand up for each other a lot, even in Cata.

I remember right at 5.0 healing Morchok for giggles on my Shammy in LFR. For some reason damage is just everywhere. I don't know if it was a bug but wow

At the end, the group starts raging on the healers for not healing. None of them say a word a first then try to pass the buck. Finally I just posted recount so everyone would shut up. I was top on healing with little overheal at around 26k HPS. The lowest healers was at 15 HPS. This is on Morchok mind you which should have been a breeze.

I hate being strung out to dry by other healers, especially when things get hard and it's clear it's not their fault.
40 Blood Elf Priest
I wasn't actually healing this run....I was lvling my dk (my only dps toon) and was running regular Shado’pan Monastery. I use her as a farmer and was just trying to get her to 90 so she could finally fly.

The healer in this run was a disc priest, and thoroughly enjoyed smite much so I noticed that he would do the majority of his healing as smite healing o.O It seemed he was more concerned with his dps than actually healing; several times the tank almost died, and more than once the group would walk away from the fight with half lives and begin the next fights without getting healed up.

Since I play healers most of the time, Im pretty good at awareness in a run; even though our healer in this run wasnt the brightest, I was pretty good about letting the tank get aggro, what not to stand in, when to move, and using my CDs to heal myself and reduce damage. It was working pretty well.

On the trash before the last boss, things were going farely well. I have Fatality addon that went off when I died; I forget what it said I died of. When the trash goes down, the healer starts ripping me a new one for dying....the only time I died in the entire run. Not sure what he is getting at, I wait for a I watch the healer run away with the rest of the party o.O

At this point Im tired of the healer and try a vote kick, with the reason of "bad healer". The vote fails. THe mage in the party does a mass rez...and I didnt realize the mage was the healer's guildy.

The mage starts defending the healer, and the healer makes anther go at me. Im just rolling my eyes at the screen. The healer than says "no heals for u". My reply "fine".

Were at the last boss and I dont die. I manage my CDs and know where not to stand, so I was nvr in any danger. The rest of the party almost dies though...apparently the healer was so adament about not healing me, he stopped using smite healing and didnt know how to use his other healing spells lol. The boss goes down, and the healer leaves group instantly. I bet he was disappointed.

I just dont get the ego complex of players sometimes o.O
100 Blood Elf Paladin
Recently I was healing ToES LFR. Started off right at the start, people dropped tables, mage tables, lock rocks. Good group, seemed to be together through the trash at the beginning, though one of the tanks was slightly more squishy than the other, but I didn't think much of it until one of the DPS says, "tank has his fishing pole on." XD
90 Draenei Priest
This bothered me more than it should...

Did a dungeon. Healed through some pretty nasty pulls and made it look easy. Healed people standing in fires. No deaths. Did some damage too at appropriate times.

Whitemane successfully casts Mass Resurrection.
I put Guardian Spirit and Gift of the Naaru on the tank bomb him with heals. He dies anyway.

Everyone: WTF was that?
Me: lol, interrupts: [Mass Resurrection] (Dungeon Journal Link)

Tank: There's an achievement for that!
Me: Yeah, but you died in a GCD through Guardian Spirit... I guess that achievement involves some sort of kiting.

I'm the only one who runs back. I cast Mass Resurrection.
Me: lol, I'm the one casting mass rez now, b****!
(expecting everybody to stand up and zerg the boss in return)

Two people don't accept the rez. The tank casts Mass Rez, this time one person accepts. The other person runs back and we wait for him.

Tank: r healer?
Casts POM at the tank.

Tank randomly pulls one extra group of adds. I heal while they kill em.

Then I'm waiting for the tank to pull the boss.
You have been removed from the group.

And I've given you everything that was said on the whole dungeon. Then I queued again and got the same dungeon, different group, back at the beginning! At least that was a good group, though. Nice and fast.
100 Draenei Shaman
A friend convinced me to do some LFR Vaults with my destruction warlock and his I think arcane mage.

The first FLR was uneventful, I got the last of the last Power marks I needed for my legendary quest (as of writing this I still need 5 wisdom).

The 2nd Vaults LFR...


We wiped on the spirit kings with not enough people taking the cleave damage, people standing in flanks and arrow impailments, the nail in the coffin was we hit the enrage timer because half of us were dead. But after someone explained the fight people listened and we got through it with only 1-3 deaths.

We make our way to Elegon, we wipe twice on him. First time about 8 people die to the vanishing floor, a few more to the adds not being picked up and then we didn't have enough damage and hit the enrage bomb. Some people leave and join and we wipe a second time but was closer with less falling into the pit but the adds still weren't being picked up well. Half the raid leaves and is quickly replaced, we down him without much trouble. My friend links me recount because we have minor internal competitions to see where we place, I see that even with the damage buff I did my normal DPS, I was baffled at first but then realized I forgot to put Grimoire of Sacrifice back on after the wipe.

We make our way to the last boss. After the 2 bosses drop down and are kited to the stairs one of the tanks dies and the boss starts moving more centeral where most of the people are. I Brez the tank who tanks him where he is which makes things a little awequerd for killing the adds. Eventually they move the boss to the middle side of the room (not great placement, but better than the middle) but half of the DPS are dead. One of the DPS whispers me "brez me if you don't want to wipe" but from what I could see with the green gas up, the bosses at about 40% and starting to be over-run by adds I just tell him it's on CD (which it was from the tank I brought back). We wiped, I ask my friend where that DPS what on recount (I'm yet to update mine) since i save my Brez for tanks, healers or amazing DPS, turns out he was the lowest. The second try was much better with the exception of both bosses stacking shortly after they came out, but they managed to separate them.

Food time
89 Undead Priest
I had an interesting black rock spire run last night.

It was a Druid tank, MW monk, me in shadow, a hunter, and a warrior. I noticed the tank was almost dead after every pull so I decide to watch the healer for a minute. He would wait until the tank was around 50% then he would use soothing mist (their small channeled heal). And nothing else. Half the time they were afk...

After 3 or 4 wipes I decided to step in. I was able to use my bubble and renew and maybe a flash heal or 2 to keep everyone alive and still pull 1-2k dps. After the run the tank goes "wow, awesome heals monk" -.-
100 Human Paladin
Horrible LFR terrace of endless spring (endless qq more like) last night. I zone in at Tsulong. They'd been wiping before I zoned in from the skeletons piled up and people were testy. We pull and I see why. So much fire standing. People were camping in the light beam and standing in purple, people were standing in the breaths. Tanks were both ignoring their cooldowns. DPS is low (not unforgivably low but low enough to make the fight drag on). Healers are actually doing ok. Unlike most LFRs where it's basically 3 people doing a majority of the healing at the end of the first wipe we had 5 healers doing between 35-55k hps with low overheal (you can see how much damage this group was taking from that alone).

At the end of the second wipe (same issues) one of the dps started ranting about how we had to kick all the healers cos they were all terrible. I said in chat "healers were fine. how about you stop taking so much damage" and linked the healing meters. He went on and on about how all the healers should be kicked and both tanks should be kicked etc. Eventually a vote came up to kick him and he was booted (yay!).

We cycled through more tanks and ended up with one good one and one who seemed to have no clue about the mechanics and wiped us a couple more times. Eventually we dragged through to Sha on the back of the one good tank and the healers but it was a bloody and painful affair. The only good thing was I finally got a token for my 4 piece.
90 Blood Elf Priest
Had a Warlock afk for 20 minutes to eat dinner.
90 Draenei Shaman
LFD pops and I zone in to find myself in Shado-Pan Monastery on the trash just before the end boss.

Within seconds I see a DPS say in chat: "Tank is a 7-year-old troll, healer beware."

I barely have time to read that sentence before the tank says "HI HEALER HEAL ME" and proceeds to pull several groups of trash all at once. I don't know if he was trying to wipe us or what but I blew all my healing cooldowns and kept the group alive.

While the pull was still going on the tank started just randomly spamming various curse words in all caps in chat for no apparent reason.

I decided I didn't want to be in a group with this tank at all, let alone heal them. However, I knew that you can't kick someone right after combat is over so I stalled for time.

"Hey, guys, sorry, gotta AFK one sec." In reality I was not AFK, I was spamming "vote to kick" and waiting for the box to pop up.

The tank immediately says, "OMG HEALER WTF" and then starts cussing me out in all caps and says, "LOL WUT R U S****** YOUR OWN D***?"

As soon as the box popped up I typed "troll" in the reason column. I knew the vote would pass and so just before I hit enter on the vote kick I said to the tank, "No, I'm not pleasuring myself. I'm not even AFK. I lied about going AFK just so I would be able to kick you."

And before the tank could respond to me (in all caps with much cursing, I'm sure) he was gone. I got a good laugh out of it and so did the rest of the group.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
I've heard stories of bad LFR Tsulong fights, but last night was my first experience with it. A 13+ minute fight.

Healing done:

Me @ 76 million
Another holy pally @ 53 million
Numbers 3-5 were at 20-22 million.
Number 6 was at 19 million, but he was a spriest, and finally there was a very bad holy paladin @ 13 million

So I think I managed to outheal 4 of the other healers combined.
32 Pandaren Monk
Those tanks who go running off into the sunset, collecting hundreds of mobs and then stand behind a pillar or something because they seem to have no awareness of their surroundings or where I even am. Those guys are funnnn.
90 Tauren Paladin
Three interesting things from this mornings forays into LFG.

A tank whispering me, to tell me I should not let anyone die, even if they stand in the black circles in Throne of Tides. After a dps dies and admits it was their fault they forgot to move out of it .

Zoning into an in progress Black Rock Cavern: to be immediately told they do not need a healer and to switch specs. As I am surrounded by their skeletons and the body of the previous healer that dc'd instead of running back to his body after the it looked like 5th wipe on the first boss.

Zone into a Fresh Black Rock Caverns: Goblin DK as tank.. he runs off as we are all zoning in, bouncing off the wall like his mother put to much sugar in his koolaid. runs past the first boss pulling him and everything around him. He has outdistanced me (due to 2 mobs just liking the taste of cow meat I think, and my having to battle them) and makes a nice popping sound as the boss flattens him. Dk refuses to release to run back in, wanting me to get close enough to rez him.

Looks like I heal only at night or on Mondays when I am sure all the kids are in school.
90 Blood Elf Paladin
Ive got one. I got into a half-finished group of scarlet halls and the first thing the tank and the DK dps said was "Boy I sure hope you can heal, the last healer was terrible." immediately I knew, this was going to be trouble. What was more concerning was they were on the boss that does the bladestorm all around the room..which made me assume they were getting hit by the bladestorm and blaming the healer. Well we killed him with only 1 dps dying to it (not the DK) and as I went to res the dead dps...

The tank dies!!

he apparently went ahead to the next TWO groups and pulled them. Well the tank immediately left and the DK started talking about how I should be able to keep up with the group.. I told him I was ressing the dead dps but for some reason he would just ignore/pretend I didnt say that. He then said "I can keep up in 5 mans on my healer without running out of mana" (i never even dipped below 70%) and kept being a pest.

Eventually I just said "heres why you dont make your healer angry" and I initiated a vote to kick, and it passed.
56 Worgen Druid
I got into a group once (early levels, I was DPS) and our druid healer was moonkin for some reason. I only knew this because he would switch forms to DPS now and again. But with such low levels, his heals weren't atrocious.

But then, the tank pulled a large group. Should have been no big deal if we had a "real" healer. But alas! our moonkin was too slow casting that Healing Touch and the tank dropped.

Luckily we managed to finish off the mobs.

The tank asked where the healer was. I said, "They're a moonkin for some reason."

The healer quickly switched specs to resto, carefully as to make sure none of us noticed he was in the wrong one. Luckily we finished the dunegon all right.

But then! I got into a group a little later and it was the same guy. I was about to warn everyone he was a bad healer. But then I realized he was the tank.

Now, I recall he had balance and resto as specs. I suspected he had switched to guardian at some point.

But things go crazy. Aggro flies and his health plummets again and again. I finally inspect him. HE WAS RESTO!!

I questioned him about it. He says "I mostly play in resto." I tell him "You need to be guardian." He says "I can be whatever I want!" I informed the rest of the group I had had him before in which he had attempted to heal in balance.

Through most of the rest of the dungeon, I spam vote kick, waiting impatiently for a brief moment in which to kick him. Finally, we hesitate long enough to kick him. I type "Resto" and send. It passes. DPS laugh and healer says "Finally."

We knew it was going to be a long wait for a tank, but since we were almost done, I popped defensive stance (was my warrior) and tanked the last boss.

Didn't run any more for a while, lest I bump into him again.
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100 Tauren Druid
ToES LFR on a Monday afternoon was a frightening thing. Generally, I don't really pay much attention during Protectors - I toss my heals, dispell as needed ... and a few minutes later I collect my bag of gold and get ready to heal a Cloud Serpent (are Cloud Serpents dragonkin? Or are they not related as a Dragonflight?) - possibly my favorite part of the game.

But this time, it's different. Started out normal enough, but then I'm noticing TONS of raid damage.

"Hey, why are we doing elite mode kill order?"


Decided to do a quick first half of HoF LFR before raid last night. Vizier and BL went just fine. No comlaints. So I figure ... "those other healers shouldn't have a problem on Garalon". After trash, I sneakily swap to kitty spec and gear. Ha ha! I'm gonna get kitty gear! Holy moly was that not good.

"Where the heals at?"
"Kerranggaroo in feral gear"

Quickly respec to Resto and change back into healing gear.

"Say what?"
"I inspect him. He changed."
"What feral gear?"
"He change."

Kick vote fails (thank goodness) and Garalon goes smoosh, I get my VP just in time for real raiding.
90 Pandaren Monk
Other night, I join LFD brewery. 3 of the others (tank and two DPS) doing guild run. Nowadays I basically just fistweave through heroics. I'll step back and use spells if things get hairy but I almost never need to unless the tank is seriously under geared. Anyway, steamrolling through, near first boss:

Tank: Healer, stop that.
Me: Huh?
Tank: Your not DPS. Back off and watch the health bars.
Me: Um... mistweaver melee auto heals. Its keeping you topped up.
Tank: That craps a joke. Stop trying to stroke your epeen on the damage meter or out you go.

One of his guildies chimes in agreeing with him and berating me. I'm... speechless. The groups been at full health from my fistweaving the whole time. Anyway, he starts the boss fight, he must have thought he'd cowed me into obedience. Not so. I run in and merrily punch away, keeping everyone at full health. Tank and both his cronies yell at me.

After the boss goes down I'm promptly votekicked. "!@#$ing wannabe DPS" as the reason.
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