Arena is in VERY bad shape

90 Human Mage
Enough said. Why can a hunter global me? Why can my team not burst through resto druid heals?
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First question? Stampede is broken, and hunters counter mages anyway. Second question? Mages are one of the few classes that can actually deal with druids to a decent extent at the moment, so you probably need to address that yourself instead of coming to the forums to complain.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
To answer both questions,
it's because your trash.

Jk it's actually cuz arena's a bit imba.

I'll bet I got you going, though.

Seriously though, as a mage/spriest you should be able to burst through resto druid heals. Like really easily. Frost mages and spriests are in very good standing, BM burst aside. Shatterplay with resto druid will beat literally anything, if you're skilled. No excuses.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Since when are they not?
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90 Human Priest
10/12/2012 01:46 AMPosted by Deadris
Since when are they not?

It's usually comps that dominate a season, not 1-3 characters.

Also, you're from Dara, your SPriest is from SK East and your RDruid is in NAO, I surely hope this is a troll thread considering Shatterplay is the best comp this season; in it's current state. KFC/TSG comps tend to top out at 2300.
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100 Troll Hunter
10/12/2012 01:35 AMPosted by Luwen
Enough said. Why can a hunter global me? Why can my team not burst through resto druid heals?

Cause you didn't ice block the burst. and you don't know how to cc a healer?
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6 Dwarf Hunter
Hunters and Druids along with a few others are op right now. They need a huge nurf. Thats the simplest way to explain it.
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