Hi everybody! I can currently make four of the 5 panther mounts, and wanted to extend my offer to help people who want them!

They are ruby, jade, sunstone and sapphire. Eventually I'll be able to make the onyx one, but that'll be wicked expensive.

Now, you can contact me with your own mats and I'll only charge you 100g. If you are one of those people in a guild that doesn't have the vendor perk, the orbs of mystery are 20k, but I can get them for you if you pay me 18.5k. That's a savings of 1500g for you! You're welcome to get them through other means if you like too. If I'm handling the mats myself, it's going to be approximately 30k. I know that sounds steep, but it;s a lot of time farming those blue gems, and living steels are expensive atm.

So, to reiterate:

Freshly made panther: 30k
You don't have the guild perk but want to donate your own mats: 18.5k for the orb of mystery
You donate all your own mats: 100g.

Just contact me or send me a mail in game!