We are Chinese Take Out and we are looking for more dedicated raiders to fill our rosters.

We are a late night weekend 10-man raiding guild looking to make competitive progression on our server. Our raid times, which may be subject to change upon popular demand from fellow guild mates, are currently Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the times listed below.

Raid Times:
      9:30pm-1:00am CST

      9:30pm-1:00am CST

      5:00pm-9:00pm CST

We are currently looking to recruit*:
      DK, Warrior or Paladin

    Ranged DPS

    Melee DPS

*If you'd like to join us, but don't fulfill these roles, apply anyway. We are always looking for good players.

If you would like to apply or have any questions, contact Cheung or Leroygreen through an ingame mail or whisper.