Glyph of Harsh Words Macro question.


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Is there a way to make 2 separate macros for WoG, 1 that can only be used on yourself/friendly targets (like normal wog) and 1 that can only be cast on enemies (i.e. if I target an ally and use WoG with it, it won't go off.) Thanks in advance.
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/cast [@player] Word of Glory
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This is my WoG macro for healing:

/cast [help][target=mouseover, help, exists][target=player]Word of Glory
/use Healthstone

If you are targeting a friendly, it will heal them. Otherwise, if you are mousing over a friendly, it will heal them. Otherwise, it will heal you. I also added /use Healthstone in there because I'm terrible at remembering to use healthstones when I have them >.> This macro is only for healing; none of the conditions will cause it to cast on an enemy, so there's no risk of accidentally attacking when you need to heal.

When using Harsh Words, I just put WoG (not a macro, just the plain spell) on a different button. Never had an issue with accidentally healing instead of attacking, but if you want to rule out that kind of accident, something like this should work:

#showtooltip Word of Glory
/cast [harm]Word of Glory

That way, it just won't cast if you're not targeting a hostile. If you want it to work on mouseover, try this:

#showtooltip Word of Glory
/cast [target=mouseover, harm, exists][harm] Word of Glory

That will cast at your mouseover target if you are mousing over a hostile, otherwise it will cast at your target if you're targeting a hostile, otherwise it won't cast.
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Before MoP, if I had an enemy targeted and hit WoG, I got the blue-outlined empowered cursor, with which I could then click on a raid frame to WoG them (perhaps not the best method of healing, but so it is). Now, even with auto self-cast turned off, if I hit WoG with an enemy targeted it heals me.

Is there a macro way to get the old functionality back?
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I want a macro where even if I'm targeting them but I want to heal myself that it will heal me. I think I just have to have two separate buttons for WoG.
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/target [yourplayername]
/cast word of glory

other wise use the original wog to do dmg
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/cast [help] Word of Glory

/cast [harm] World of Glory

For auto-targeting yourself:

/cast [@player] Word of Glory
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10/13/2012 07:21 PMPosted by Iziren
I want a macro where even if I'm targeting them but I want to heal myself that it will heal me. I think I just have to have two separate buttons for WoG.

That's what I ended up doing, not ideal but since I use alt+q for WoG I have no way to distinguish between wanting to dps vs heal. If you have WoG in a place where you can use a modifier like alt or shift then you could make a macro that does both based on what modifier key is pressed.
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The conditionals you're looking for are [help] and [harm]

For example
/cast [@mouseover,help]
Will heal a mouseover target, if no mouseover friendly target nothing happens

/cast [harm] word of glory
Will cast harsh words on your target if it is enemy, if not nothing happens.

Personally I use my normal healing wog macro for heals and then just wog unmacro'd on another button for when I want to use harsh words, but that's mostly because I rarely use harsh words.

#show Word of Glory
/cast [mod:alt,@player] [@mouseover,help] [@target,help] Word of Glory
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/cast [mod:alt,@player] [help] Word of Glory
/cast [harm] Word of Glory

You could also switch [help] and [harm]
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