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To get to the point: I'm currently dissatisfied with my current realm on WoW. I originally started playing this game on a PvP server. Started on Lightning's Blade (Alliance) and then moved to Cho'gall (Alliance). Anyhow, I switched to Llane after being invited by someone in a random to be a guild healer.

Now, that was all fine and dandy, but time drags on by and I am helplessly bored.

I'm getting a little bored of playing Alliance, but mostly I'm bored of PvE realms, especially Llane.

So, I've got a friend who recently rolled here on Destromath (Horde side) and I've heard nice things for the most part. Its got me a little intrigued. So, I was hoping people could tell me the pros and cons of the realm (Both factions responding would be great)

Most importantly: Whats the A:H ratio like and how often are cities raided (City raids are my fondest memories from PvP realms)
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The pop is very one sided with a heavy horde ratio. As a result, it can be an issue with grieving occuring at specific choke points for levelling or quest turn ins. I have seeing this being an issue for lowbie zones as well as pandarian zones. I levelled pretty quickly and do most of my dailies early in the morning so this doesn't affect me much.

I am starting to have some real fun with world pvp though, especially with the rares. There are a lot of good and bad players on both sides. PVP servers always make things much more interesting. If you are a good player, you rarely will be a frustrated victim of this though.

Today, I had some fun knocking someone on a tundra mount off the ironpaw token vendor in halfhill so that ally people could turn on their dailes and buy ingredients while having it repeatedly pointed out how easy it was to modify the UI to make this an issue. I didn't care because it didn't seem to make to easier for a lot of people that were grateful for what I was doing.

I didn't understand why he was griefing in full gear though beause occasionally others would get him into combat so that the guards could take him out when his feign death was on cooldown. I took all my durability gear off so I could knock him off and not take durability after being swarmed by guards.
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If you're looking for a good PvP realm I suggest Emerald Dream. From what I've experienced on Destromath horde have been very over populated since a expansion or so ago.

Emerald Dream has a booming community for Alliance and Horde. Rival guilds that love raiding cities and world PvP.

I play on this server because my friends do. That's all.
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