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I am making this post because we are looking for a new home to transfer our Level 25 raiding guild to. We have been researching all different realms and this one has sparked our interest. We are looking for a server with a higher population than our own, one thats Normal PVE (even though we enjoy PVP on a casual basis), one that has an active Horde side, and one that is either CST or EST time zones.

I just had a few questions for your guys/girls if you could be so kind to help me out.

My questions are as follows:
    Is there a need for another raiding guild on your server?
    Of the population, are the members hungry to raid?
    Are there active PUG raids being run on a regular basis (maybe not now, but in DS/FL/etc.)?
    What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to transfer here?

For more information about us, check us out at Or watch our recruitment video at:

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!
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If having a grossly inflated economy and having to pug from a pool of people with a collective IQ of 17 are things that excite you, head to Duskwood.
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Duskwood is not the best server nor is it the worst. It may seem to be a crappy town to live in for many players but it is OUR town.

Horde side has been pretty dead since their top progression guild left during tier 12. Around mid to late tier 13 they had several 8/8 heroic guilds, more than alliance, but it suffered from a pretty bad pug community. Towards the end of Cata many players just tended to raid within their own guilds or groups of friends. Actual trade chat pugging just wasn't an option. Alliance side was much better in terms of pugging content. 6/8 heroic or full 8/8 heroic trade chat pugs were common Alliance side.

Now I'm not sure how things have been since MoP landed. I won't know anything about how things are Horde side for at least a month or 2 while I work on my ally characters.

Markets are a funny thing. Some things are more expensive horde side than alliance side and vice versa. But markets shouldn't be a factor for a competent raiding guild. You would have all of the professions that you need anyways.

The only question I would ask you is weather your core group is strong enough to survive a transfer. I've seen many guilds come to this server as well as guilds leave this server and 9 times out of 10 they fall apart, disband, or merge into other guilds.

If you are bringing close to a full raid team with solid players who are committed to raiding this entire tier then yes you have a shot at being successful. If you are just bringing a handful of players and plan on recruiting the rest then your chances of success are much lower.

Your degree of success is more determined by you and your guild than by the server you choose.

Here's some other information:

Tier 14

Tier 13

Tier 12

Guild Transfers: When is it time?

^I love the discussion in this forum thread as it covers all of the pro's and cons of guild transferring as well as things to consider to be successful with the transfer process.
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It's a great place for casual players.
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