How to make ''feasts'' in MoP

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Feasts are now called banquets. Great banquets feed 25 people, banquets feed 10. The mats for them are best gathered as a guild via tokens as described below.

I haven't leveled the new cooking skills, but from what I've gathered, there are 5 specializations that a cook can choose from. Wok gives extra Agility, Steamer extra Spirit, Oven extra Stamina, Pot extra Intellect, and Grill extra Strength. I believe you will always receive your main stat regardless of the type of banquet, but don't quote me on how that works for healers and spirit vs int. If our healer drops a steamer he gets 275 spirit and I get 250 stamina or strength depending on my current spec.

Each banquet requires a combination of fish, meat, crops, and 1 soy sauce. Great banquets require double the mats, but still only a single soy sauce. Farming the mats would be a pain, so the best way to get them is to buy them with ironpaw tokens. 13 tokens can make five 10-man banquets (must be crafted in sets of 5), and 25 tokens for 5 great banquets.

So if you raid 10 man four nights a week with an average of 20 wipes (could be alot more, we hit about 30-40 sometimes), you would need 208 tokens per week (400 for 25 man). This is why you need your entire group working on collecting tokens.

There are 3 ways to get tokens.
1) Daily quests there in Halfhill.
2) Buying them at the Spirit of Harmony vendor.
3) A repeatable quest called ''Replenishing the Pantry'' that has you fill up a grocery bag as a turn in.

There are 3 ways to fill up the bags.
1) Crops from farming. This is slow because it requires 100 crops to fill the bag, and you only get 5 per planting. At lower levels of reputation this is viable, but at revered on players are going to want to be planting songbell to get motes of harmony (which if you're raiding you should turn in for golden lotus for flasks).
2) Farming mobs such as wolves, crabs, or turtles and turning in 20 meat for a token. Finding the right farming spot will make this much more efficient.
3) Fishing. A stack of fish is also a token. What you have to decide is can you fish up the right kind of fish faster than you can kill enough mobs to get meat drops.

Feel free to post comparisons of different farming techniques and spots,
specifically how many tokens per hour your farming pattern managed.
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100 Orc Warrior
I'd suggest having a spot in the gbank where people can dump every ''cooking ingredient'' item they get while looting, then use those for the grocery quest.
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