<-- Building a 10 man, lf 8 members

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Hello Farstriders,

I am in the position where I am without a raid team. I am looking to build one from scratch with 8 other individuals.

A little about myself and the "why":
My passion and main interest in WoW has been tackling challenging content with a coordinated group. To be blunt, Heroics 5 man these days are a joke and LFR is not my end-game choice. I want to do more whether its simply 10 man normal with the possibility of heroic mode.

For those curious about my raiding experience:
This is comprised raiding as a Paladin, mage (Tellahx), DK (Acaidia) and warlock rather respectively.
Vanilla (40 man on Cenarion Circle) : Cleared MC / BWL
TBC (HnE / Off Server / Miscom) : Cleared Tier 4 & 5 raids; 4/8 Black Temple (Miscommunication disbanded on 5th boss)
Wrath (Aegis / FRS): Cleared tier 7, 8, 9 (heroic), ICC 10 / 25 (heroic)
Cata : Sparingly raided each tier
MoP : LFR clear of first part

I have not however led any of these raids. I am always open for suggestions and tweaking a strat as I would do the same when faced with failure.

To the point.
I am looking for those, who like me, desire more of a challenge. This can be something simple as 10 man, Challenge Modes, or 10 man heroic. (and not locked to another raid team lol)

All of the details are TBD ie raid time and days.
this would be ideal and is flexible.

The ideal raid time would be 3-4 hours (before farm) and an Ideal starting time (server time) of 6pm - 10 (ie 7-11p EST). I have a preference of raiding 2 days a week (on farm) with a third day option for new content. The first day would be on a Tuesday, the second day either Wednesday/Thursday and the third being Sunday/Monday.

To be precise on the open slots:
2 tanks
3 healers (1 potential for off dps)
3 dps

Ideally, for dps i would need 1 more range and 2 melee.

At this moment, the team is myself (warlock ;) ) and Aedrianna (Hunter)

Q: You wanna raid? Not locked to a raid? Want to be legen - wait for it - dary?
A: Join me!
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90 Blood Elf Priest
If only you were rolling on the Horde side...healing with shadow offspec ready to work!
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90 Undead Warlock
Did you ever find your group?
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