So I never really did RBG's, though I would like to start.

I have quite a history of PvP & an even longer history of being a member of Borean Tundra, i've played this server since it first opened & have been Unholy since 3.0

I never really did arena's for rating, only for cap & that's it, so I don't have any sort of "proof" of being a "good player."

I'm a very solid PvP'er, I love to do BG's I know when to be aggressive, and when to be defensive. I keybind, use focus macro's.... You could say I know my class. I'm no 2200, but i'm up there.

I also would try and like to find a decent sized guild (A guild recruiting for RBG would be epic), i'm in one currently but sadly it's dead. I want a guild that does activities, some old content raids, RBG's, Arena's (Also trying to start taking seriously, incase any Rsham's reading this ;D). I was in Addiction for a long period of time, but always having an AVG. of 30-50 people on at one time get's a little old.

You may contact me anytime in game.

- Aragni

PS. My avg. play hours are between 12:00pm - 12am. (Quite active)