I live on the West coast in the US, but due to my work schedule, I'm only regularly available 7 days a week after about 12:30 AM - that would be 6:30 PM server time. I primarily play between about 6:30 PM and 10:30 PM server time on work nights, barring any plans to go out and do something in real life.

I used to a raid with a primarily Aussie/NZ guild on a US server back in WotLK, but left WoW for the majority of Cataclysm - when I came back for MoP, however, my guild had disbanded and I have thus far been unable to find a replacement late night/Oceanic raid group.

I still want to look for another week or two before I pay for a server transfer, but I'm looking on this and a couple other Oceanic realms to see if there are any 10-man raiding guilds that would have room for a discipline priest. As of the time of writing this post, I'm at 470 iLevel and am raid-ready. Ideally, I'd like to start at about 6:30-7 PM server time and finish at about 10-11 PM server time, 1-2 days a week. Which days are unimportant, my days off and shifts move around from week to week.

I'd like to roll an alt to check out any potential guilds, but you may reply to this thread here or contact me on Kaitria-Wyrmrest Accord if your guild happens to have a spot available.

I also have a friend who plays a prot pally tank who'd be willing to transfer as well, if there's room.
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