AH bot (Horde Side)

1 Undead Priest
Please report Ookotargar for botting. Flooding the AH and sits in front of The Valley of Strength's auction house everyday all day botting the ah. (48h+ periods of activity) you can check him on theunderminejournal.com Bladefist-Horde.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
People running the AH all day as a legit player already ruins the economy. A bot online 48hours a day will destroy it ban him as fast as you possibley can ask your guild and trade channel and other ways to contact a large amount of players this guy has no right on the world of warcraft. I find all parts of WoW fun why would any part be boring enough to bot instead of play? If the games not your type quite and find another MMORPG There are alot of other good MMORPGS out there imo WoW has always beat all but DON'T CHEAT! Idk that guy is probably a gold farmer who isn't even from america ruining your realms economy and not even carring because this game is his real life job. How pathetic I mean cmon guys lets get this guy perm banned and hopefully IP banned so that he can't start another account and do the same pathetic thing all gold farmers do. Makes me sick I'll report him so should EVERY world of warcraft player. Botting is cheating and breaks the games rules and economy mostly or can really make somebodys good looking high level account with lots of gold who everybody thinks is good really just a pathetic cheater. Please fourm lets punish these cheaters how they deserve. DOWN WITH ALL BOTTERS!!!!! no more botters camping farming spots day after day with no chance of you making any gold or buying and selling items on the AH for crazy low and high prices. cmon fellow WoW players we should go on a crusade and ban every bot in existence Blizzard already has amazing detection skills if we can't ban him blizz will. So kids don't bot. Buy gold or anything that breaks the terms we agree to to play this game. besides if you are insanely lucky and don't get banned you will probably get hacked which you deserve. I hope every legit WoW player is with me I've been playing legit since pre-bc only me on my account never bought gold never botted glitched or exploted a bug and I've never been in trouble with a GM or any kind of ban and thats how WoW should be played! This game is awesome and the community is pretty awesome except for the few pathetic. Peace out from Aiere peak Horde.
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90 Tauren Paladin
Damn is Yahmon making an alt for his gold making bazzar?
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