[H] Valiant Recruiting Healers

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Valiant is looking for an outstanding healer. Having a dps offspec and knowing how to use it is beneficial.

We are also entertaining dps applicants.

If you feel that you are an exceptional player, you like to read about boss strategy and watch frapped videos for fun, if you like to min-max, if you farmed like mad for your Darkmoon card, or if you just like to be good at what you do then you'll find others like yourself in Valiant

To apply go to www.guildvaliant.com and click on "Recruitment" which will take you to our application form.

Who are we...

- We are a mature end game raiding guild. Minimum age rules are in effect
- We aim for steady progression based on a reasonable raid schedule. 3 focused hours a night for 3 nights a week.
- We are not a high turnover guild. We have been a guild for 6 years.

What are our raid start times?

We have 2 10 man raiding groups

Tuesday - Thursday 7pm - 10pm Server
Tuesday - Thursday 8pm - 11pm Server
Monday as optional clean up 7-10pm and 8-11pm

What we want from you...

- Ventrilo (microphone preferred as well)
- Self research and understanding of class and raid strategy
- Raid mods
- Ability to follow the raid/class leader's instructions, accept guidance and direction
- A stable Internet connection
- Dedication to the success of the guild. This includes equipping yourself outside raids (crafting upgrades where appropriate), farming potions/consumables, having the required mods installed and functioning, potentially switching to a raid talent spec etc.
- "Never Give Up" attitude. Some encounters will be a learning phase where wipes are common. We want players that are focused and determined.

What we don't want from you...

- Inactivity without prior notice
- Drama
- Coming to raids unprepared. (i.e coming to raids with no consumables, PvP spec'd, or having not read the boss strategy)
- Arrogance (If you think you're the best, actions speak louder than words)

What you get if you join...

- Loot distribution is currently based on EPGP
- A mature guild with focus, talent and direction
- Mentoring available if required for successful applicants. We expect our members to commit to the guild and in return the guild commits to its members
- Members are allowed alts within the guild

Trial members

- are required to be active
- are encouraged to participate in guild related activities besides raids, it is in your own interest to let us get to know you
- are required to communicate with officers or use the website forum whenever absences occur
- are to be hunting for upgrades (i.e. justice/valor point gear, crafted items) to show their commitment to the guilds progression and speed their own gearing
- are required to communicate with other people in their class to understand up coming encounters

Still interested?

- We will contact successful applicants in-game for a short interview and possibly include a trial Raid
- You can also contact Manukai or any of our officers in game with any questions
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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