Muteki is a well respected, semi-hardcore raiding guild with a long history of competitive raiding progression. Formed in Nov 2004, Muteki is the oldest guild on Eonar. We are looking for experienced raiders who are progression and team oriented to further guild progression. Currently we are 1/16 Heroic 10 man MoP raids and are looking to expand.

Group 1 Raid Times:

Tue: 7 pm - 11 pm EST
Wed: 7 pm - 11 pm EST
Sun: 7 pm - 11 pm EST

Group 2 Raid Times:

Thurs: 7 pm - 11 pm EST
Mon: 7pm - 11 pm EST

Recruitment is also open to ALL classes/players that have the ability to compete / outperform our current roster. If you feel you are competent and skilled and are looking to become part of a progression oriented group of players who enjoy their time spent raiding, look no further.

What we expect from you:
460+ Item level equipped, enchanted, and gemmed
Come prepared with pots and food
Show up to raid on time
Max raiding professions
Actively learning encounters

What we offer you:
A friendly raid environment with members that are dedicated and competitive, yet have a sarcastic side.
To be a part of a tradition! We are the oldest and one of the most competitive guilds on Eonar for good reasons!
Repairs, feast and enchants, are on us.
All of our guild members are always willing to help with gearing, professions, pvp, raid and provide class advice.

Feel free to contact one of the officers ingame for more info: [ Infidelitas, Chuch, Vanmonk, Palazzie ] @ Eonar Horde