Soggy's Gamble Quest Chain

90 Draenei Shaman
I have a 90 pally that did most of dread wastes quests including all at Soggy's gamble. However On this char, I did all of Dread Waste (available) working on all dailies for Klaxxi each day that I can. I am doing the 3 dailies for The anglers faction. I have not done the quest chain for Soggy's Gamble and I do not see any quests pertaining or leading to him and that area in Dread wastes.

Were those quests available to only 1 char on my acct and none others? That seems unlikely blizz would do that.

Can someone direct me to an NPC or a quest to get me started at Soggy's? I know soggy's quest chain adds to Anglers faction, otherwise I wouldn't even bother.

Thank you in advance.
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90 Human Hunter
Yeah please, i have the same problem:/ i need do dailys in that map . ill greateful for some help about it. bye
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100 Blood Elf Priest
If you're having an issue like this, make a thread on Bug Report Forum. Blue may read this forum but rarely/never answer things here.
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90 Night Elf Druid
The quest "Mazu's Breath" should be available to you from Deck Boss Arie once you are level 89 without having done anything else in Dread Wastes. There is a breadcrumb that leads to this called "Gambling Problem" from Ambersmith Zikk, but as a breadcrumb it is not needed. Once you complete "Mazu's Breath", you should be offered "Fresh Pots" and "You Otter Know" which will lead you to the rest of the Soggy's Gamble quests.

If you are not offered "Mazu's Breath" immediately I would expect this is a problem and should be reported to Blizzard.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
In a previous patch it may have been possible to bypass the Dread Wastes quests and go straight to Soggy's Gamble, but if so it's not the case anymore.

I visited Deck Boss Arie hoping for some quick Anglers rep and she told me "You wanna be part of Soggy's crew? Then you're gonna start at the bottom like everyone else." LOL!

(This is one of the first threads to pop up when searching the web for info about the Soggy's Gamble questline, so I'm posting here not to bump the thread, but so the information will be readily available to others who are looking. You have to start at "the bottom" this case Bowmistress Li in Dread Wastes.)
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90 Draenei Paladin
Same issue here. Any update?
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