Hey Guys,

Looking for active players to do RBG's with - I'm not interested in playing with a team that isn't in Vent/Skype/TS3 and aren't Gemmed/Enchanted/etc

Instead of telling you all my stats just take a peek: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bladefist/Toppers/simple

I don't have a main spec as I play Disc and Shadow equally well (Disc is garbage right now but there is a chance that when you check my armory I'll be specced Disc). I was 2400+ in S9 as disc in 3's and 5's and 2400+ in S10 as Shadow. You'll notice I don't have any achievements as this is a new character/account. I realize I could just be saying that so add me an play a game with me you'll realize I know how to play.

Anyways, my battletag is Toppers#1442 and I'm on most nights from 6EST-11EST. Please add me to your friends list and make a note about RBG's so I know.

I'm interested in starting as soon as tonight.