Pandaria rare spawns and the items they drop

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As implied by the title I felt like attempting to start a thread about the new rare spawns of Pandaria. More specifically, the "vanity" items that they have a chance to drop. I would love to hear from others about their favorite vanity item they've gotten from the rares. Try to include the name of the item, the name of the rare spawn, the zone in which you can find them, and what it does/fun uses or experiences you have had with it.

My personal favorite is Kang's Bindstone. This item drops from Kang the Soul Theif in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. This item gives you a 10 minute buff (1 hour cooldown) during which any time you deal a killing blow to an enemy, it has a chance to turn their corpse into a stone statue. Using this item is esspecially fun while farming or doing dailies because as you pull multiple mobs to you they start to die around where you stand, doing this in the same spot long enough leads to a group of statue friends surrounding you. I refer to this as having a statue tea party!
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This may help you...
WoWHead guide to all MoP Rares, their spawn location, their loots.
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well other then a couple of piece of armor I have saved back to transmorgify, I would have to say the 2 pieces I actually have a use for are the Banner of the Salyin Warscout I got off the Salayin Warscout found along the river in Valley of the Four Winds (the name of it eludes my recall). This item cause you to do a houdini and vanish for a split second (enough to lose aggro) and summons a sarok "Salayin Warscout" which runs and aggros whatever aggresive it passes for a good ways unless its path is blocked. (handy for a hunter who always ends up getting mobbed lol)

The second is also obtained in the Valley (amongst that army along the wall) off a mantid whose name I can not even hope to pronouce much less remember but he is called 'The Ripper'. He drops a trinket Dynesty of Steel' which summons a 'whrilwind of blades'. Its damage is minimal but every bit counts lol. Only problem with this item is it will go for any aggressive creature/humaniod within 40' or so unless you are mounted (sorta like having the pet set on full aggro in the precata wow).

ps... I know I may have botched names of places, items & persons/races. This was done to protect the guilty... =o)
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