World Bosses on Gul'dan

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Due to many complaints, qqs and rumors, I am making this post in regards to the World Bosses on Gul'dan.

1. In case some of you didn't know, World bosses are supposed to be competitive. Here's a couple posts to prove my point.
So if my guildies are in need of a boss kill, we are going to go after it. Doesn't matter if another group is 'forming' or 'trying' to down it first.. doesn't matter if another group is horde or alliance. Sha spawn time is 2 hours and Galleon is 2 days, which makes Galleon more competitive when it comes to world bosses and either way, if I have enough guildies on we're going after him.

2. We aren't going to 'schedule' boss kills (like GM of another guild wanted me to do /facepalm lol)
Like I stated above, if our guildies need the boss kills, and we have enough on.. we are going after it. I'm not going to plan with other guilds to down the boss first this week and 2nd the following week etc. Ridiculous lol.

3. Griefing problems
We dont 'taunt' the boss to make it reset like some of the other hordies have been doing to us to try to make it reset. If you didn't notice, when you 'attempt' the boss, we dont have anyone griefing you like some of the people on server did to us. Once you wiped we went in for the kill. We would expect same from you, if we wiped to a world boss, it's expected that you swoop in for the kill yourself. Back to number 1, world bosses are competitive. At least have some ettiquette as to not 'grief' another group and try to make the boss reset.

4. Alliance and world pvp
If you are going after a boss when we are, yes we will fight for the boss. World bosses and these dailies brought back the beloved world pvp that a lot of us missed from back in the Vanilla days. It's back. Be expected that we will fight you (which is what happened last week).

5. Rumors about <SS> 'camping' the bosses.
I'm sorry but we really don't camp them. We only go when we have guildies that need the boss kills and we have enough on. Even though we don't camp the bosses, I would just like to make it known that there is no Blizz rule about camping them. Again, these bosses are supposed to be competitive and the first group to down them gg.

6. People trying to get into the group kills with us. I'm sorry but we're mainly doing these runs with our guildies (even guildies that are xferring over and haven't xferred yet...) and PLE. We're trying not to bring anyone else into the runs unless we're in need of pugs for some reason. So if you see our group working on a world boss, please dont whisper myself or another guildie for an invite, you most likely wont get in. Sorry.

7. 'Rumors' about me (Pnutbutter) getting banned.
Sorry to disappoint, but no I haven't been banned. The reason is because my guild and I have done nothing wrong in Blizz's standards.

Blizz knew that the world bosses would create competition in between guilds, players and factions once again and could also create animosity between them too. I apologize to those that feel we're being 'unfair' but we're playing the game it was meant to be played. Enjoy the game and stop worrying about what our guild is doing. If you down a world boss, gratz to the kill and the lootz. If you get the boss before <SS> does, coolio.. we'll just get it next time.

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Banana's are yellow
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Yes, yes they are. lol.
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1) Who ever assumed anything other than LFR that involves raiding is not meant to be competitive has some screws lose.

2) Since raiding is competitive why would anyone assume you are going to let them get the upper hand on you or even on the same playing field as you if you can prevent it through legit means (i.e. not swapping kills as you stated)

3) I though griefing was part of the fun of the old worlds bosses in vanilla. In that you not only have to worry about Alliance but your fellow horde as well who are competing for server first.

Side Note: Do people still strive for server first or was that more of a BC/Vanilla thing, at least it seemed more competitive in BC, could be do to the smaller pop of Gul'dan nowadays.

4) Yeah, that is kinda the point of being on a pvp server.

5) Here I can see why you would camp bosses, I mean at least you know where the alliance are if they are attempting it and you want some open world Guild vs Guild PvP. Though I personally don't feel its worth the effort.

6) not much to say...Go PLE.

7) eh, I don't know server gossip anymore, makes me feel old for some reason (though thats not really logical)

Basically I agree with you but I'm bored and putting off doing my accounting homework so this killed some time.


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Hey Tweek :)

Side Note: Do people still strive for server first or was that more of a BC/Vanilla thing, at least it seemed more competitive in BC, could be do to the smaller pop of Gul'dan nowadays.

Yea, I think the only guilds on server right now that is working toward server first is <SS> and <PLE>. The low pop is an issue and I think slows the drive on this server by a long shot. We need more guilds on this server that plan to be here for the long run. We've had guilds that have xferred here as a guild, but they don't usually last long due to the difficulty on recruiting.

Recruiting people to join this server is very difficult (trust me on that lol. That's pretty much all I do when not raiding is recruiting) and is different than it would be on a high pop server. So progression will most likely be slower, but once our guilds get a set team that want the same thing, progression will come.

Thank you for the comments by the way. They are appreciated.

And thanks... you just reminded me that I have accounting homework too >< ugh.
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10/10.... now someone get me a 5 of cranes
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