Knights of the Alliance - is a friendly raiding guild. We have 2 raid teams of 10man groups., one team raids during the week, which the info for there recruitment should be posted soon, aswell as a raidteam for the weekends.

Weekend Raids
Knights of the Alliance is recruiting specific classes for there 10man weekend raid team.

If your looking to raid, as one of these classes below please contact ingame : Thallymonk
Tank: Blood DeathKnight
Healers: Disc Priest
DPS: Frost DeathKnight & Elemental Shaman

Tanks- Other tanks not listed above are welcomed to whisper ingame: Thallymonk
If your dps, or heals, other than what is listed above, and wish to raid during the weekend, please fill out the application located here:

And ill get hold of you ASAP. All other applicants can fill out the application and whisper me ingame.

Weekday Raids
Our weekday raiders raid Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday! 7:30-10:30 Server.

We are recruiting all Classes, Whisper ingame : Crashnor
And go ahead and apply at :