Returning to WoW... class questions

90 Worgen Druid
Hey everyone, i may be returning to WoW here in a couple of days, and MoP looks to be... new... figured i'd give it a shot. However, i have a few class choices that are already at 85 and figured i'd ask for the general opinions on them like "druid healing sucks right now, or paladins make the best tanks". ~Interested in both raiding and pvp

I like to tank or heal moreso than DPS so my first question is, which do we need more? I have an 85 paladin, druid, DK, and Rogue. as well as an 81 Warrior.

My main character has always been my druid, i've noticed that they've chopped feral in half, which is smart from the pvp point of view, not that i like it lol. as well as given resto some viable dpsing while healing, which sounds awesome, because that !@#$ got booring. lol. have casting rotations changed much?

I mostly tanked on the paladin because i didnt like the style of paladin healing, and who can argue with 12345win rotation?

I hit 85 and PvPed with my DK so my rotations would have to be tweaked, but i did enjoy blood pvp before vengence got nerfed

Rogue was 100% pvp and i was aweful at it, but still stuck through enough BGs and Arenas to get some ruthless and vicious gear

Warrior is currently tanking the 1st 2 dungeons in cataclysm's RDF.

2.6% Done with 8.19GB Remaining. woo.
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90 Orc Hunter
BM hunter master race or gtfo.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Gotta agree, BM hunter @#$^ !@#$ up... Same with shadow priests, as long as you got good gear and can kite.
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