First you might ask yourself why I'm posting here and not the dedicated Guild Recruitment forum? Good question! It's simple really, I like you guys better and that forum is plagued with "476 looking for heroic team!" or "3/6 heroic looking for ranged dps" and that's just not us.

Malfurions Raiders is an old guild that many of you have probably seen over the years. We are currently accepting anyone interested in raiding but we need a tank and heal/dps to get started on normals. We're all good friends and generally awesome people to hang out with. We're a casual group of raiders that focuses more on the fun and social side of raiding while still managing to slay those nasty internet dragons. Our normal raid times is Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at 10pm - 1am server time. So if you want to kill bosses and have a good laugh doing so, look us up! You can talk to me, Vahlaa, or Nerack for more information.