Hello, myself and two friends are looking to join a raid group/guild. As the title says, we are a discipline priest, enhancement shaman, and DK that is either blood or frost. We all have at least 463 gear and do pretty good when it comes to our roles.

The disc priest uses atonement to heal, but can easily adapt when needed. He does around 30k dps and puts out ~45-50k HPS.

The enh shaman does 55-60k dps and is adept at throwing out heals when needed whether it is healing rain or healing surges.

The DK when dpsing puts out around 55k dps but also has a full tank set. He was MT in cataclysm for our group so he knows how to handle tanking. When it comes to joining a group, he doesn't mind being dps or tank, but has a preference for tanking.

So if you are in need of three competent raiders - either 1 healer and 2 dps or 1 healer one dps and one tank, go ahead and reply.

Thank You

We are in need of a group because we left at the end of cataclysm and have just now gotten raid ready after returning. Our old group has since disbanded.

We are looking for a friday and saturday night group.