What's a warrior gotta do for AoE threat?

90 Pandaren Warrior
I have to taunt on the pull a decent amount because I'm stubborn and do one or two devastates and then start casting shattering throw. Cleary low/no vengeance devastate needs a buff.

And them my macro with every DPS cd gets pressed and the fun starts.
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90 Human Warrior
Personally I find that Thunderclap, Revenge and cleave can work well for a lot of things but then personally I like having Bladestorm in my Arsenal much more than shockwave. I will pop Avatar(+20% damage ) Recklessness (+50% crit) Berserker Rage (+10% damage) and then do Blade storm (120% of wp damage every sec to everything within 8 yards) into a whatever group of mobs I want to pick up and I almost instantly have agro on the whole group for as long as I want then. It is a 1.5 min cool down but you generally only need it that often if you need it again while it is on cool down I generally just drop a Mocking banner then and use the other abilities to gain agro before the banner goes away.

I also like Bladestorm for when you are in that LFD where you want to do multiple pulls at once or when people pull unexpected mobs into you. I know people have said they don’t like it because you can’t use any other abilities while it is going but it also stops you from being stunned and other things lots of times I think it is a highly under used warrior ability for grabbing large gropes and gaining agro. The ability to be hitting everything within 8 yards as you move around lets you get a hold of almost any group of mobs instantly . The biggest problem I have run into with it is you have to watch your health and be ready to hit cool downs and pots from the large amount of incoming damage you start to get some times.
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90 Pandaren Monk
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grabbing large gropes and gaining agro

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90 Tauren Warrior
This whole problem is greatly ameliorated as you win upgrades from dungeons. Anyone who doesn't back down when you have just started gearing is Bad Deeps and should just delete their character right now.

Mind you, you could also relax a little about AOE threat. The most important thing in the world to you, as a tank, is this: is everyone having a good time. And in reality, this means "Is the healer struggling to heal the party? No? Rock out with your sock out!"

Even in starter tanking gear, you should have little trouble holding aggro on at least 4 monsters in any pack. 5 if you machine-gun your taunts on cooldown. It takes a lot of trickery with tab targeting though :( Here's a macro that might help you:

This is, in essence, what the target button should be. It clears your target and targets whatever enemy your camera is pointed at. This is the exact code of my targeting macro:
#show [nomod][mod:shift] Commanding Shout; Battle Shout
/dismount [noflying,nohelp]
/startattack [nohelp, exists]
/cast [modifier:shift] Commanding Shout
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Battle Shout

Now, the reason I say you shouldn't have trouble holding at least 4 mobs is this: Revenge hits three total enemies now, as long as they are all in range. Cleave has a wider range, but only hits two enemies now. Thunderclap now applies our Rend effect, creating a bleed on every enemy you hit (in a pretty wide range, too...TC is *singing* aMAAAZing!).

There are several openers you can use, the most basic being Charge+Thunderclap. If you have a pool of rage, you can use Heroic Leap for the fast damage then Thunderclap. Sometimes, I use Heroic Leap to grab enemies on one side of the pack, then Charge an enemy on the other side (often a caster), and THEN Thunderclap at the center of the pack as I Charge. An added trick is to Gag Order a caster, Heroic Leap to the other side of the pack, then Charge the caster (which you should still have targeted from the Heroic Throw).

Really focus on getting the bleed on everything. As you continue the fight, the damage you take will increase your Vengeance, which increases attack power, which dynamically improves the damage of your bleed. With high vengeance, this will hold aggro for you almost by itself.

The trick is to offload as much damage as quickly as you can. Once you have reached your "anchor target", spin your camera, wait till everything collapses on you and hit them all with Shockwave. Between possible Heroic Leap, Thunderclap, Charging through the center of the pack, the odd Cleave, and mashing Revenge as often as you can....you'll have more aggro than a cat at the Pedigree Dog Show.

Watch Revenge like a hawk, too. When that thing lights up, spam it. Its cooldown resets whenever you Dodge or Parry an attack, and it procs constantly. I am also led to believe the cleaving attacks like Revenge and Cleave will hit the nearest enemy with the lowest threat, but I may be dreaming. Either way, Revenge is a core ability that you should use as often as you can.
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90 Tauren Warrior
On large pulls I just use Bladestorm and have zero threat issues after that.
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42 Human Warrior
I know I'm low level, but so far with Thunderclap and Revenge I've had no problem with AOE except for when another tank who queued for DPS or a pet taunts off me. Am I just awesome or does it get more difficult to hold threat later?
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90 Pandaren Warrior
03/02/2013 04:47 PMPosted by Keleah
I know I'm low level, but so far with Thunderclap and Revenge I've had no problem with AOE except for when another tank who queued for DPS or a pet taunts off me. Am I just awesome or does it get more difficult to hold threat later?


The people who have problems with threat are just really, really, bad.
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