Shado-Pan Rep Gains Nerfed?

90 Orc Warlock
Is it intended for Shado-Pan rep gains to be halved? Each of the four dailies are only giving 137-138 per turn-in vs the 250+ since yesterday.

If this was indeed intended, even starting with the faction near-Honored assuming you do all the quests in the Townlong Steppes and Kun-Lai Summit, this would make progressing with Shado-Pan a horrific crawl.

At this rate to get to Revered you'd need to do the daily sets for at least for 14 days, and a month's time to hit to Exalted.

Is there a reason for this, especially considering how August Celestials weren't affected?

If this wasn't intended, can we expect a fix soon?
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7 Dwarf Paladin
I did notice this too.
However, what I saw was that one line of Shado-Pan was giving 300 per turn in (guild perk + human bonus, so 250 for anyone else) but the other lines were giving 150. I haven't managed to get to the same line that gave 300 again so I thought maybe it was just that some line of quests gave more than others.
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100 Troll Priest
I was expected to hit revered with them today and then noticed the rep gains were lower then yesterday and now im 67 points short.. kinda blows.
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100 Draenei Shaman
I too have noticed this today turning in quests, and had to stop and say ..WTH!?
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