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Searching for a few players desiring to be involved in server first kills and hardcore progression. We are constantly recruiting exceptional players to fill roles in our core raid groups.

Prospective members should be searching for a place to play long-term. The more a player works with their team, the better they become as an individual and as an asset to the raid. Cohesion is essential to a raid's success.
Selfless play. Progression raiding is not an environment where one individual may disregard proper targeting and expect to complete the encounter.
Excellent execution. Major factors we look for in a player are: proper positioning, damage allocation, communication, minimizing damage taken, and strategy understanding.
Willing to share raid time. Encounters demand varying raid compositions, which means that players will have to sit and share raid time. Individuals who understand this necessity are truly an asset to the guild.
Follows directions. When minutes may mean the difference between server first and second, there is no time to second-guess the raid leader. Being attentive and learning quickly make all the difference.
Must take criticism well and be willing to improve. We are respectful but we do not babysit people. If you are struggling we will call you out in the raid so be prepared to not take things personal. Anything felt unwarranted will be discussed after the raid and we will go through logs with you to determine how we can improve said play.

Ability to play multiple classes. A new era of raiding is quickly coming, where playing one character isn't enough. Members that can play multiple classes bring an important skill to the guild.

Applicants are expected to maintain 95%+ attendance during their trial period and members are expected to maintain 90%+ during farm content. During raid time, all attending players should be easily reachable. This means that if you are sitting out you are still on mumble or may be contacted via RealID. Applicants should be directly reachable for when they are subbed in.
We will invest in you as much as you invest in us. Players that evidently are not making the guild their prime concern in-game will be treated reciprocally. The other members of the guild have the courtesy to put their full effort into the guild's success; the same is expected of you.
Socialize within the guild. Players here are very active outside of raids both in World of Warcraft and a variety of other games. The more you participate outside of the raids, the more you will become a part of the community.
Ask lots of questions. Most players are intimidated by being in an unfamiliar environment with new players. Being unafraid of asking questions is necessary to be able to learn and succeed in a new guild.

After an application has been posted, expect an initial response within a few days. Keep in mind that your written application is our first impression of you. The interest that you display there will carry through to your potential interview and beyond.
If your written application is approved, an interview will be scheduled. Our interviews are very relaxed, where numerous questions will be asked so that we may learn more about you and you us. The applicant will be given the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.
Interviews typically last 15 minutes. Be prepared with any materials you feel are relevant.
Provided that the interview goes well, a trial period will be granted. This trial period will be approximately 2 weeks, during which you will be given many opportunities to establish yourself within the guild.

Please apply at
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100 Undead Rogue
10/23/2012 07:53 PMPosted by Pissdrunx
Searching for a few players desiring to be involved in server first kills

Server first kills? Aren't you currently tied with others(while being 2nd on wowprogression on ranking) and when was the last time you got a server first kill? A bit over confident eh? You have never been server first anything... Unless you are going by "we got 5/6 before they did! they're 4/6!", not sure how that's an accomplishment since you would still be failing... It's almost like saying "I got a 32 on my exam, and you got a 29! HA! Beat you!". JK. still both failing.
Edited by Xlordzapple on 10/24/2012 9:37 PM PDT
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90 Troll Hunter
Look it's the laughing stock of the server Zapple!

Next I will post a picture if you keep it up. You don't want that do you zapple? No one wants that.
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100 Undead Rogue
Post a picture of me? Go for it, seeing how all the pictures people have of me... have been sent by me... very hurtful things I must say LOL. Your guild still remains absolute garbage, and isn't "server first" when you're behind others. Stay pasty nerd. Also, you're showing people that your guild isn't anything special and you like to keep in with wow drama, making it a terrible environment for others seeking mature players to raid with ;)
Edited by Xlordzapple on 10/26/2012 6:59 AM PDT
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