Impuslive Gaming

80 Human Paladin
Impulsive Gaming is a guild created as an intention for anyone to join. Levelers, new to the game, end game raiders, end game pvpers, twinks, or just even to social. The Co-GM, Sushibank/s, is moving up from 70 twinking to 80 twinking and trying to gather a group of experienced and full of knowledge people to join the guild and participate in our 80 twinking activities.

Some history of previous twinking on the server :This server held the largest 70 guild across. Holding 400+ twinks under the leaderships of Nírvana, Sushibanks, Terrarmaan, Saber, Lightone, Cut, Hottrix, and Bankallt. The guild has since then broken up and lost most of its 70's and soon disbanded after the retirement of Sushibanks from the guild as GM. There have been attempts of level 19 to 24 twink guilds on the server, but has become inactive as of the expansion.

Activites for level 80's-84's: Planning to do weekly ICC25 Heroic and RS25 Heroic with pugs of 90s, but as we grow, we plan to do raids with strictly 80 to 84 twinks only. Previous 70 twink guild accomplished doing 25 man Sunwell and Black Temple as a guild group of 25 70's. Other activites and raids include : Herald of the Titan Runs, Legendary farming for Val'anyr and Shadowmourne, and also Premades.

Why would I transfer and join the guild when we can do cross-realm? I personally would like to achieve things as a guild and work as a guild rather than having players from different servers coming into raids and RBG's then not showing up the following week when needed. I wouldn't mind if I've known you for a while or has a good reputation around the community. Rather not see someone coming in to ICC25H, taking Invincible or getting Shadowmourne, then leaving.

~ If you have any questions, please PM me in-game via Mail or Whisper. ~
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