Heyo Alleria,

We're currently rocking 7 people ready to tackle Mogu'shan Vaults this evening. As we are only seven, we need a couple more to fill the raid this evening. Raid is estimated to start around 8:30 if we have the people to fill it. I'll start inviting around 8 server, and a few of us will be online beforehand searching for people. Raid will go until 11ish.

1 healer - preferably priest or pally
2 dps - lock, hunter, dk, spriest, monk (40k+ single target)

If you are interested, reply to this thread, or shoot me an in-game mail.

A little about us - we just tranfered to Alleria from Aggramar to raid with some real life friends, and have experience from clearing Sunwell pre-nerf to H-LK to H-DS10, so we're no scrubs.