I am looking for a 10 man raid group that is in need of a good raiding mage. My current ilvl is 472 and while I have not yet done the 10 man, I have done the 25 man LFR.

Now, I realize it's way easier in LFR, but I am a fast learner and a good study, I already know the tactics of the first three fights. I've read about them and watched videos of them.

I am always prepared with flasks, the best food buffs and potions.

If anyone is looking for a consistent raid member, I'm your mage.

Lastly, I am in a guild of real life friends, but they have an already estrablished 10 man group and I am not going to try to force my way in or have them push someone out just to let me in. That wouldn't be fair. But, I am going to stay in my guild, so I'd raid with you but stay in my guild.

I am on every night and all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday (except during home team football games).

Contact me in game if you have any questions or are interested.

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