Death at the Head [Story]

The Death's Head pirates. It was an organization once large enough to threaten port cities, had their full force been brought to bear. Captain Agmash ran his crew and small fleet with ruthless efficiency. But towards the end of the Scourgewar, the good Captain mysteriously disappeared. Where did he go? What happened to the Death's Head pirates? And where are they now? Before we answer these questions, perhaps we should look at how it all began. And how it may very well be beginning again.

(( This is mostly for Lectril's sake. He's been hounding me to write this fan fiction ever since I hinted it back in TBC, but I never actually went anywhere with it. Seeing as I was a bit younger and less knowledgeable, some of this may seem a bit cliche. Also, the pirates in this story share the same name with the Quillboar that allied with the Scourge. They are not related at all. ))

Part 1: Chapter 1: The First Three

After the Third War, most soldiers returned home. This was not so for the Berserker known as Agmash. He stole a ship in the chaos after the war and sailed to Booty Bay, a haven for pirates; most notably the Blackwater Raiders. The trip was arduous on his own, and the Troll barely managed to keep the ship on course during storms. His dream of absolute freedom would have to wait until he had a crew. One could not run a decent sized ship alone, and it was dangerous to do so with one that flew Horde colors.

The first order of business was being granted entrance into the port city. Luckily for him, the Raiders sent out a party to investigate the Horde ship, finding only Agmash, who made a deal with the gold located in the cargo hold. They assisted him in tarnishing the Horde colors and repainting the sails and flag white and black respectively. Agmash was asked if he would like to join the Raiders, but he respectfully declined and set foot in Booty Bay. He just wanted a small crew, and a few swabbies for taking care of the ship.

Agmash went to the Salty Sailor Tavern and took a seat in one of the larger chairs. He called out to the bartender to get him some grog, and the Troll folded his arms behind his head and leaned back. He kept his eyes out for any potential crewmates, but otherwise relaxed. Things were going well so far, despite his fear of being caught by the Horde or Alliance on the way here. Though... he was beginning to lose hope on finding a crew in the tavern.

That was, until a curious looking Goblin and a Human wandered in. The two were chatting away about what might have been the goblin female's latest invention. Their conversation quickly turned to dinner, and the goblin hopped on the human male's back, hitting him in the head repeatedly. Clearly, they shared a close bond and the human had forgotten something important. Once they settled, Agmash approached them.

"'Ey. Buy ya two a drink?" He gave a friendly grin, and the human looked at him in surprise. The man's brown eyes traveled over the Troll. He said and gave away nothing. This was a city owned by pirates in their own right. It was a great quality not to trust someone upon the first meeting. Agmash found himself liking this one already. The goblin peered out from behind the human's shoulder and blew her brown bangs from her eyes, revealing her own red eyes.

"Yeah, sure. Some Port'll do nicely. I'd order tha rum, but ole Garzini here'd rather use that in her explosives," The human laughed, and gave the goblin he named Garzini a nudge. She grinned, not denying what he said at all. She dropped from the back of the yet unnamed man and peered at Agmash yet again. She couldn't tell what the Troll was up to. His open vest, faded linen pants and black tricorn hat gave nothing away but an openness to talk.

"Alright, Burnes. He's good, I think. I'm not gonna turn down a drink," She hopped up onto the bar counter and faced the two. Agmash smiled, and ordered two flasks of port, since Garzini had not given her choice of drink, and the Troll already had his grog. What better way than to make friends than with free drinks? He lifted his trifecta, revealing his messy mop of... pink hair and nodded at them.

"I be Agmash. I was wond-"
"Oh, my... gosh! He has pink hair!" Garzini couldn't compose herself. She leaned onto Burnes' shoulder and slammed her fist down, "You don't even know how long it's been since I've seen someone with pink hair. It's just so silly. Is that a natural color? It must be. What self respecting man would dye his hair pink?" Her cackling didn't cease and Agmash placed his hat back upon his head, disappointed. He leaned forward, so that his pointed tusks were inches from Garzini's face.

"Ya t'ink mah hair's funneh, do ya?" He grunted and she finally stopped, just a tiny bit frightened by his imposing visage. Burnes put a hand on Agmash's shoulder and the Troll regained his composure, "As I was sayin'... I'm lookin' for a crew."
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An entire night went by of negotiations. At one point, Agmash thought that the two were simply egging him on, and planned to leave as soon as the old Troll went to sleep. As night fell, and he left, the human and goblin followed him. Burnes and Garzini waved as Agmash noticed them and he slowed down. He couldn't hide the grin on his face.

"We decided to join ya, Agmash. Been a long while since we set out ta sea, the two of us," Burnes clapped Agmash on the shoulder and continued the walk down to the docks, where they all made their way to the ship. Agmash hadn't yet thought of a name for it. There'd been too much going on and the excitement of finding a crew had distracted him.

"This ship got a name?" Garzini piped up, hopping off of her usual spot on Burnes' back and exploring the deck. Agmash shook his head and shrugged. He was too tired to think right now, having spent most of the morning and afternoon awake. He took a seat near the Crow's nest, and nodded at Burnes.

"Ya wanna take 's out? I'll t'ink of a name in a short bit, yeh. Been an exhaustin' day," Agmash looked up at the stars on the clear night in Booty Bay and smiled as he saw them moving. Rather, the ship was moving. In their negotiations, he'd found out that Burnes was the navigator for his previous crew, as well as a great cook. Garzini on the other hand was a shipwright and engineer.

"Shrunken Head... Nah, dat could be taken da wrong way. Black Head... nah, dat be a name fer human pimples... Death's Head? Ya... dat'll fit. Ain't too bad soundin'," the old Troll got up from where he was sitting only to be clocked on the head from a fallen bottle of rum. If he hadn't been wearing his trusty hat, some of those glass shards would have embedded into his head. No one would have been happy, then. He looked up at the crow's nest and frowned. He'd not been up there since taking the ship, "Garzini, Burnes. We got a stowaway."

"That so? Garz', ya wanna check it out?" Burnes pointed at his friend and then to the crow's nest. She nodded, and the Goblin climbed up the ropes to the crow's nest (as there wasn't a ladder, for some reason). She quietly stepped onto the railing of the tower and raised an eyebrow. In front of her was a young Forest Troll woman, who was surrounded by several boxes of rum. She had a loose white shirt, typically worn by pirates, a red rag on her head with the image of a skull on it, and faded linen pants, similar to Agmash's. She was asleep as well.

Garzini slid down the ropes and relayed the information to Agmash. He nodded and signaled Burnes to continue his course. They were well away from Booty Bay now. Agmash climbed up the ropes now and made no effort to hide the noise. This seemed to wake the young woman and she rubbed her temples as she got up. Agmash unsheathed the cutlass at his side and pointed it at her.

"Explain yaself, an' why ya stole me rum," Agmash was a no nonsense Captain, and he'd not have their first day out to sea without any rum. He hoped the stowaway hadn't drank it all. She finally opened her eyes and scanned the Troll in front of her, then got up, a worried look on her face. Her eyes widened as she saw the horizon... Nothing but water, and Booty Bay slowly disappearing in the distance.

"Why ya gon' and set sail? Dis ain't gud. I was stealin' ya money an' was gonna get it to da Baron fo' 'is favah and I gon' an' drank ya rum an' now 'm 'ere!" She seemed to ramble, and explain everything she'd done all at once. If Agmash wasn't a Troll and used to this kind of speech, he wouldn't have understood a word. He grunted, and slid a crate towards him with his foot.

"Ya gonna be a membah o' mah crew now, ta make up fer ya transgressions. Since ye found meh crow's nest ta be an ample place ta sleep, ya gonna be mah lookout," He reached into his coat, and retrieved a spyglass, which he promptly gave her. Agmash sheathed his cutlass, "Or ya can go ovahboard, an' ya can try yer luck swimmin'. Be luckeh if ya get passed da Point, what wit dem Sea Giants on da coast,"

"Fine... Fine, I'll be ya lookout. I ain't gon' like it. Name's Vee," Her icy glare cut into Agmash and even he flinched a little. She put the spyglass in her sash, and hoarded two of the crates of rum, "I be keepin' dese. Dey almost empteh anehways," Vee huffed and sat on one of them, "Spose I'll be sleepin' up 'ere, too?" That question was answered with a nod. Agmash slid down the rope back down to the deck and smiled, satisfied.

It wasn't planned, but he had a crew of four. Enough to keep the ship in shape, for one of its size. A few swabbies could pick up the slack... Perhaps he could pick some up from dissenting Bloodsails. Where he went now, he wasn't sure. Only that the sea stood before he and his crew, and there wasn't anything he'd let get in his way.
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