Hail is now recruiting for all classes and roles to to increase its community during mop! Hail is a Leveling/Social guild that raids and will be doing challenge modes in the future. The founding members all have 4-6 years of play time individually and have been together for as long as 3 years! And now we are looking for more to join the fun.

Summary: We plan to raid weekend/weeknight late night (11pm-1am server) Day to be determined by the guild. Our plans are fairly well open as we dabble in a bit of everything as far as content is concerned.

the core group is a laid back bunch. We like to joke, help each other in game, as well as just hanging out in vent. We are looking for like minded folks looking to enjoy the game, but still push for advancement.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the battle tag: Namuha1181.