Rate the monk transmog above you!

90 Orc Monk
I don't really get the whole wolf thing.
Edited by Monkology on 11/5/2012 1:06 PM PST
100 Undead Monk
9/10 Sweet look. You lose a point for being Panderan, but that's my hang-up, not yours.

For me,well...shoulders are place-holders until I get the JP ones I want when I hit 80. (Vendor in Dalaran)

Just rolling like this until then. Wanted to get away from the "rogue" look for a while.
90 Pandaren Monk
You look like a caster, but it does look cool.

Simple staff graphic is nice..
May swap in a replica Shado-Pan helm, may not.

@Mordarian -- 9/10. I think the particular reddish brown on the shoulders could do with darkening to match the rest of your look, but it is quite nice nonetheless. Well done.
Edited by Kormosh on 11/5/2012 10:23 PM PST
90 Human Monk
I can literally feel the rage emanating from Kormosh's tmog which suits the orc look well. If only the sleeves were longer... D:

Flowing water transmog matches the shadopan helm much better than I thought it would.

Edited by Qul on 11/6/2012 7:52 AM PST
90 Pandaren Monk
of the xmog i can tell you're building, i give it 7/10. finish the set, and my rating might go higher! ;)
90 Orc Monk
Fist of the Deity is an automatic 10/10.
9/10 @ Koga. Looks great. Nice and simple, fitting for an Orc. Not my favorite shoulder model, but that's just my taste (still a solid look with the rest of your mog).
Edited by Kormosh on 11/6/2012 9:48 PM PST
90 Human Monk
Nice look! 9/10 for your tribal like monk. Mine still a work in progress but is going for a jedi/sith look.
100 Pandaren Monk
Not a big fan of the northrend robe models, but 8/10. Transmog flows quite well.
90 Orc Monk
Panda monks seem to look good in like everything! I enjoy the fist weapons and the sun hat switch up the purple for a more neutral color IMO. Still a nice feel. 7/10.
Hehe. Nothing but shoulders on that one. I guess if you are going for the shock of a naked space goat it is gold :D 7/10
90 Human Monk
7/10 Looks cool.
100 Pandaren Monk
Not a bad set but looks meant more for a DK than Monk so I'll go with 7/10.

Here is mine in action pose hehe: http://i.imgur.com/EZcAGl.jpg
90 Pandaren Monk
like the blue 7/10
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