About Us
<Awakened> (H) is a level 25, 10 man raiding guild on the realm of Quel'dorei. The core 10 man team is an early morning guild, however we have ambitions to start up a late night team as well and would like to start recruiting. <Awakened> has been around since BC and has been moving along throughout each expansion as one of only a couple early morning raid guilds to date.

About Me
I have been around since the opening of the first servers. I have raid lead through every expansion, all the way down to Onyxia/Ragnaros.

The Times
Our plans would be to raid Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday from 12:30 AM - 3:30 AM EST.

Any interested players should put in an application at the guild website: (the-awakened.net/)

All players should be expected to be on time and prepared for raids with consumables. Everyone is expected to read strategies for boss fights and/or watch videos so they'll have an idea as to how the encounters work before stepping foot into the instance.

We expect our raid team to contribute to the guild bank, and to the team as a whole, so not having leveled tradeskills will be frowned upon.

For more in-depth rules, please read: (the-awakened.net/forum_threads/1211536) - Keep in mind we're a splinter of a morning raid guild so the raid times in these forum posts will not apply to us.

Loot System
We will be using the EPGP loot system, for more information on that please read this page: (the-awakened.net/forum_threads/1235470?post=6703566#forum_post_6703566)

In Closing
The perks of being in a guild with a night team and day team is there will always be people on to do things with should you be off from work that day, or simply want to play that morning or evening.

For more specific information please send me a tell in-game on Quel'dorei (Abracapanda) or send Kevra a tell in-game. Look forward to hearing from you!