Pawns of War guild...J's back!!!

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well i am back again but i see something is a lil !@#$ered with the guild ugh...guess thats how blizzard likes to screw us on all our achievements, progress, blah blah blah etc and now let guilds be taken over by someone else in guild ehhh....Well sucks and not sure yet how we went from lvl 25 to lvl 7 and what the hell happened to all in gbank and what not but im working on that and hoping to find out who exactly Lucibell is that has my GM rank?!?!?! Not sure who the heck it is but how the hell do they have gm title still when they themselves have not been active?! Ugh i dont know what the hell but anyways gonna do my best to get what i can back for guild and hope to see some of you ol time members back once guild up and back in my control :) From your queen ~ J :)
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10/29/2012 04:50 AMPosted by Lulamae
Well sucks and not sure yet how we went from lvl 25 to lvl 7 and what the hell happened to all in gbank

It sounds like they realm transferred the guild. So what was left behind was a shell guild with the same name but downgraded back to Lvl 1. :( Sorry, yo.
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This is the guild that Journey started back in Vanilla right? From the sounds of it you could be Journey
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Once a guild leader goes inactive for 90 days the top ranked active members get the ability to claim the guild. (only the top 3 ranks eligible) - That would be why the GL changed.

Level 7 would mean that the guild was transferred which leave a level 1 guild with the same name. There must have been some people left and playing. With the removal of XP caps, it's very easy to level up a guild these days.
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