Odlaw has joined the Great Guild in the Sky

90 Gnome Mage
So sad to hear this tragic news. I have many memories of raiding with Odlaw, his cheerful banter in vent - he was always very kind and thoughtful. He was a genuinely great guy and will be dearly missed.
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90 Human Warrior
My condolences, he was a good guy.
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90 Troll Druid
I've heard so much about you, and never anything negative. You have clearly had a huge impact on the players on this server, as well as friends of mine that were closer to you like brothers. That speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

Rest easy
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85 Human Paladin
I spoke to him on wow only a few weeks ago, perhaps a month ago the last time. very good guy. always willing to help, share a joke, and always willing to do anything in his power to make our world a brighter place. our day is darkend, however remember the good he has brought, and remember that every day we must go on. rest in peace my friend. very sad loss for us all. Rest In Peace Odlaw, you will be missed.
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100 Human Priest
A good friend, gone far too soon.
Though we are impoverished by his absence,
even more were we enriched by his company.
He is already missed.
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100 Gnome Warlock
I will definately miss our AH and mod discussions. They were always quite fun to have when you talked to someone that knew so much about those topics. The past 6+ years we've been guilded together have been excellent.

Time rolls on, but you'll never be forgotten

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90 Human Priest
There are no words that can give justice to how kind Odlaw truly was. He made my time in The Nameless and Bacon that much more enjoyable with his idle vent banter and the weekend raids he put together.

I never realized how much I'd miss all of us in vent, making fun of eachother and bickering for no apparent reason, now that I can't do that any more with Odlaw. I'm going to miss his terrible, terrible... terrible puns. ;~;

We love you, Odlaw!


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100 Draenei Warrior
Players like Odlaw are the reason hunters know how to play.
Modders like Odlaw make the game work better than it ever would out of the box.
People like Odlaw are the reasons raids and guilds exist for more than a week, then a month, then a year.

I literally can't think of anything else to say, and that took me five hours to cobble together.
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90 Human Death Knight
I remember always hearing about Odlaw back in the classic days of WoW. It's always sad when a fellow player passes away so early, even if you never got to play with them.

Godspeed, Odlaw, Godspeed.
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90 Troll Shaman
I put posting in this thread off for far too long at this point, and I'm still struggling with what to say. Odlaw made our Mumble better. Even when he was pissed off at work, or tired from extraneous crap, he was still able to make everyone else happier. 100% selfless and probably the friendliest guy in WOW.

All the love in the world, Odlaw.
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1 Orc Warrior
It's often when someone passes that people say "He was such a nice person." However in Odlaw's case it's true. He was the nicest person I know, and very selfless.

Many of us have a lot of memories about him, but one in particular strikes me about how good of a person he was. I recall a time during Wrath where he made a 2 mods, working, and viable for WoW. He made Lomiel and Maif authors of these mods just to help get them beta access in WotLK just so we could all play together. I remember giving him a hard time when I first joined The Renamed over marking targets just to tease him. I remember him logging on with myself, Luminous, Lomiel, Keystone, Valandra, Calissi, Maif, Fuzzy, and Lazeez to get kills in Ulduar and Naxx, not because he was competitive, but because he knew we were, and wanted to help his friends out as much as he could. I remember him asking me what to pick up on Steam during the various season sales just to buy something else to play with me. I have so many good, fond memories of Odlaw that I can't possibly fit them all on one page, and I hope all of you have had similiar experiences with him, because I can't imagine you having a bad one. He had a great heart.

Odlaw was my friend, and when I made a bad decision he would tell me, or he would joke about reporting me if I did too much DMG, he would help me with my idiotic ideas no matter how dumb I was being, and he would put up with me no matter how much of an !@# I was being. When hearing he passed it really struck me how much he meant to my friends and myself. We at Team Bacon hung out with him almost every day for 5 plus years and a small blurb here can't even convey how much he meant to us. I rarely say nice things about anybody but I can't think of anything but nice things to say about Odlaw, and I can't even imagine how logging into mumble is going to be knowing I can't hear him anymore ever.

Brother you will be missed in this life, and I can only hope to catch you in the next. We will always have a spot for you.
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Odlaw was one of the really great people i've known, he rarely if ever had a genuinely negative thing to say and was always funny and super helpful with no strings attached. It's funny how you drift away from people a bit but always think you have another day to swing over and catch back up, I talked with him very very briefly awhile back but now have the selfish regret of knowing I won't be able to catch up with someone I really respected and always enjoyed being in the company of.

I don't think it's fully hit me yet that he is gone and he will be missed, he was a shining example of how humanity can be and a reminder of the things I should work on in my life. You will be missed greatly, rest in peace.
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85 Worgen Warrior
Just randomly checked the forums, haven't played in a year, came across this. Very, very sad. As many have said, Odlaw was a genuinely good person. He will be missed.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Never had the opportunity to play with Odlaw, but knew of him from launch. Rest in peace.
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90 Worgen Druid
Those who know me know I never read or post in these forums, very rarely...but this is something worth posting about. Argent Dawn has lost a great member, friend and leader.

Odlaw - The news of his passing was difficult to swallow, I remember being told and I paused breathless at this tragic news.

He was a great person, exceptional player, and breath of fresh air to be around so likeable and well respected in Argent Dawn truly one of the few greats.

Argent Dawn feels a little empty without you here, you will be greatly missed and if we can take anything with us is be kind and respectful everyone is here to have a good time and you sure helped many achieve that entertainment where many could not otherwise if it wasn't for your pick-up raids, team spirit, and leadership. Thank you for being You!

It is sad that we spoke a few weeks ago and now this, too soon, too soon. We miss you, may heaven treat you better.
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90 Gnome Warlock
I heard this the morning after and I'm still kind of in shock over such a genuinely good soul leaving us so soon. I hadn't spoken with Odlaw recently but he was always great to talk too and you could always count on him for laughs and help if you needed it.

You will be missed Odlaw, Fly Safe up high man.
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100 Worgen Druid
I, like many others, have many fond memories of Odlaw. What everyone is saying about him is completely true, he truly was one of the nicest people you could have the pleasure to meet and play this, or any other, game with.

Odlaw was one of the nicest, most loyal, and funniest people I ever got to pleasure to raid with. He managed to get along with pretty much everyone he came in contact with. He helped people become better players in this game and was able to make tough, frustrating, and brutal encounters enjoyable to be part of. I know he is a good part of why many of those he raided with kept raiding on as long as they did.

He was my friend and I know I will miss him.

May his memory be eternal.
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100 Goblin Hunter
I wish I could have put a more eloquent post together, but I just don't know what to say.

I was so sad to hear about this. I never knew him very well, but he was one of the best players I have ever had the pleasure to play with. He was so talented, always willing to help people out, and I genuinely looked up to him.

It's so nice to see all these old TRN names in one place, although it is under unfortunate circumstances. Wherever Odlaw is right now, I hope he can feel our love.

Love and happiness to you all,

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100 Gnome Warlock
Very sad news. I raided with Odlaw's alt raid since mid ICC. I've been missing having his alt raid to raid with on Fridays. He was a very nice person and fun to be around.

Will be missed by anyone that knew him.
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90 Night Elf Death Knight
I just found out last night, and honestly I still find it hard to believe he is gone.

It seems it was only yesterday when I first met him back in Dark Ages of Camelot (the first MMO I played). I remember telling him about the fun I would have playing Warcraft Orcs vs. Humans and other later versions of the game, but at the time it pretty much paled in comparison to the epic relic raids in DAOC. Then, about a year later World of Warcraft was released. A group of us from DAOC, Odlaw and myself included, migrated over to WoW and we all went our separate ways to explore this new world, but luck and fate always seemed to have our paths crossing one another. Eventually we grouped up through various guilds Emerald Guard and Silver Dawn to name a few. Then we found a home in Dark Paradigm. I have many fond memories of Odlaw showing off his hunter skills in Molten Core skillfully pulling packs of mobs with his pet (and occasionally becoming Corehound or Lava Pack kibble). I also remember when it came time to farm molten core, to supply and fund our adventures in Blackwing Lair and Later Ahn'Qiraj, how he said he hated that instance after spending so much time in there. But he would still always drag himself down there to help us out.

I remember some of the more interesting adventures we had during WoW vanilla. Such as when we ran with the guild through some areas that were under development, but was live in WoW at the time, like the Caverns of Time, Mount Hyjal, and the zone of rainbows and Floating tree islands in Deadmines (which looked oddly similar to nagrand in BC when it came out). There was one area though he didn't come along with us and that was to the Mythical GM Island. I remember him saying we would get in trouble. And, sure enough, we were promptly booted from the island by a couple of GMs that were there.

No matter what changes we faced, Odlaw always seemed to be the magnet that pulled us all back together for more fun adventures. We grouped back up in The Renamed and later in various Alt raids he hosted through Wrath and Cata. Each time adding more friends to the group. He has been a longtime friend to me and many others and what everyone says is true. He would give you his last copper if you were in need of it, and anyone that knew him was truly blessed to have him as a friend.

While the pain of loss is great, what he left behind in memories, shared experiences, and kindness is far greater.

You will be missed greatly by us all.

Manavarg aka. Calexista
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