Role-playing, let's talk about that.

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Kelthuzadia, Zapheren, Skyherald, Auv, and I will be working to restore RP slowly be scheduling events for RP'ers to get together and get to know each other. Step number one.

Afterward, it will be a group effort to see what happens next, and with careful planning, we will bring RP back to the now dead LHoof.
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Just to add a confirmation to what you guys are saying:

I started on LH to try out pvp and rp, I've never done much with either of them yet and I'm still relatively new to WoW.

Having said that, I added MRP and I've filled out bios as much as I know how, but I have yet to see any RP going on. I've only been contacted once to RP with someone. I don't even see RP guilds recruiting. Those that say they do RP have no events on the calendar. Shoot, the only reason I joined a guild is to try and get my first BoAs.

I would have hope if I even occasionally ran into people roleplaying, but I haven't seen it anywhere yet.
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While I applaud your efforts, starting a WeRP OOC channel makes the effort more complicated.

WeRP was originally intended as an out of character channel for role players to speak and use while remaining in their guilds for primary purposes. Those who wanted to raid or pvp need not leave guilds to role play and those who wanted to stay in a role play guild but reach out across the server could easily do so from WeRP.

I found in my efforts to start WeRP, which was done by riding on a land mount through all the regions of the wow continents and broadcasting in General, that people did not want to leave their already established groups in order to role play. WeRP was meant to coordinate role play between people.

I found the idea of only speaking to role play leaders very off putting when I was approached on Gentlestride by Derriccarter or whatshisname originally specifically because he felt there should be a specific order of presentation of role players with rules. With the exception of God Moding and staying within the boundaries of the presented world medium, I hold a stance of there shouldn't be any rules so much as agreement between the cooperating role players for their scenes.

Forbidden Lore used to be the main role play guild on alliance side and it was their leader at the time that tried to bridge me with Derric's efforts.

I do not role play openly any more because the reward I get from the role play isn't nearly worth the effort. I maintained an information role play page at originally in conjunction with the WeRP creation. While I did have some success initially, like the others here have said, a troll got into WeRP and locked it down. All the work I had done recruiting people across the server was lost as people couldn't get into the channel any more when Derric had control of it for some petty personal reasons.

I did interact with Bodua's group once I think in Shatt but the premise the group was operating under and the storyline they desired to role play didn't fit at all with my character's interests and. In character I had no reason to further the mafia style line of story telling, out of character I wasn't willing to change my character's motivations to further role play.

I already lost quite a bit of my original character concepts as I moved from being a role player to becoming a facilitator. I find often when I do role play now I end up in a role similiar to a dungeon master which is not as fun as being a role player.

I find myself much more satisified by just playing dungeons and dragons or something equivalent at the kitchen table with a group of friends rather than try to deal with the attempts at role play on lightninghoof.

Despite the touted golden areas of RP on Wyrmrest Accord and Moonguard, I found them just the same in comparison to RP on LH. Sure RP is a little easier to find however I find most roleplayers very rigid and cliquebound. I am not willing to conform so someone can have their special snowflake story.

I find ordinary role play of daily things to be very interesting in a fantasy world but that kind of role play is hard to find. Everyone seems to want to be something powerful or awesome that they are not in real life or uses role play to fulfill unmet social and emotional needs in real life.

On WoW Role Play is less a game and more a second life. People take role play way too seriously sometimes and it ruins the random fun.

TLTR: I find questing and hanging with guildies and friends much more enjoyable than trying to card through role players looking for individuals I enjoy as much as my friends and guildies.
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