regarding Galleon

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If any of you alliance on Ghostlands have the Galleon tag, please share it by having someone from your group that has the tag join the other raid groups that have formed. The person that left the original raid group gets loot as well as all the raids he/she drops and joins.

If you see Meridian has the tag, whisper Carnassier, Destram, Palinabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and they will share their tag.

Sharing is caring!
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It's not that we're trying to keep other guilds on Ghostlands from getting Galleon loot, because, as you said, nobody on the server is even close to being able to catch us in progression; also, server rank plays a very small part in our goals (it's like being the biggest fish in a small pond.)

Why we dropped group was because we are extremely tired of getting flagged by random people in the raid when we heal them, and then our healers get flagged, get killed and the Horde inevitably get a fresh tag when he respawns. We're not jerks, we're just tired of losing tags on a boss that drops very good progression gear because people can't just wait to be unflagged, or not kill the horde - that's it, simple as that. We've limited the people we'll invite from /1 or /2 to a select few, that we either know very well personally or whom have a great reputation on the server and can actually follow instructions. Again, we're not trying to hog loot, we're just trying to be assured WE can get the loot as well.

We've gotten the initial tag on Galleon 6-7 times since MoP launch and only gotten loot from it once or twice because of inexperienced players getting tagged and getting our healers flagged.

I will be the first to drop group and invite people when we have a tag. We're not really as bad as the server makes us out to be, but I'm also not going to beg Ghostlands to like us. All we ask is that, when Galleon is up, is please come unflagged and do not attack Horde. If you want to kill them after you collect your phat lewtz (or gold in Palinq's case) then by all means, go for it. Hell, we'll probably help you pwn some nubs and whatnot.

This is not a stab at anybody on Ghostlands, or at the general population; simply presenting our side of the matter.

tl;dr: We're not trying to be jerks, just getting frustrated with not getting loot that would help us progress even quicker.
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Salyis's Warband kills (Valley of the Four Winds) - 4 Kills. Thats the number of times Palin & Manbacon have gotten a Galleon kill, yourself Destram has gotten 3. Considering you can't even keep track of the number of kills you have gotten must be a nice luxury, since very few on the server can even claim 1 kill. Please stop being foolish in that aspect.

11/08/2012 12:59 PMPosted by Destram
Why we dropped group was because we are extremely tired of getting flagged by random people in the raid when we heal them, and then our healers get flagged, get killed
Really? So you're getting flagged, so you left group to flag you're entire raid? Sorry I see a logic fail there. Nice try. That makes zero sense.

This is what? the 6th week he's been available, and I know this week you haven't gotten him yet. So you are sitting at 5 possible kills, at least 4 you've gotten perhaps more. Since I've heard of your B team or alts or whoever you are calling them getting a 2nd kill in the week on him. So what we're asking for is you to just pass the tag.

Don't expect to get an invite to any Galleon kills from us since we are holding you back. Meanwhile your selfish attitude holds the rest of this server back from getting loot; like was said earlier pass the tag like other much larger servers do. It's simple courtesy which you guys apparently lack.
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Meridian has always had a reputation with people in their guild being jerks in game, and then someone trying to save face on the forums.

11/08/2012 12:15 PMPosted by Manbacon
you can just forget about getting any help in the future.

Doesn't seem like you're trying to help other guilds on Ghostlands, anyway.
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11/08/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Davetheslave
The bads are mads I fear.

That is simply not true. Grace is a great player and did not offend anyone in this post. Let's cooperate between each other and more people can get what they need.

Also, Manbacon helped our group big deal when we were stuck on H Spine.
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3rd shift /popcorn
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Cuz WoW is serious biz.
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11/08/2012 10:36 PMPosted by Quasiscroto
3rd shift /popcorn
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Harmony, I have a few ockhams members on my realid, I think I may even have you (or maybe just some of your toons). Any time I'm online for a Dino kill, I post it to my realid, for the purpose of getting more people in the group. The way the boss tag works, you can be in a group that gets the tag, leave group and form a new one and carry the tag with you. I'm more than willing to get any one in that I know for a tag if we have the tag. If they want to leave group after getting the tag to spread it, awesome, but most seem to just stay in our group.

Sharing the tag would benefit everyone. It doesnt reduce anyone's chance at loot. What would work best is if multiple groups are going for it, to share the tags. I know if someone I know whispers me and there are open spots in our groups, I invite them. Maybe people dont know that once they get the tag, they can leave group and spread the tag, but if they did that, we would reduce the pvp issue, and increase our gear. I dont think anyone blames the horde for doing what they're doing, it's how it's supposed to work.

So please, feel free to whisper me if you see us there, I would do the same. I know this last attempt I did have a few of your raiders in our group trying to get the tag. So we are making an effort to get people we know the tags. The very first kill was the same way, he spawned, I posted to RealId that we were forming a group, some of your guys whispered me that you were forming a group, I told them to drop your group and join ours if we get the tag, but they just said they were forming a group and I was never able to invite them. If you or any of your group would like to share realid info with me, please get a hold of me in game, we can make sure we have each others information in order to share the tag. But please realize, every galleon kill I've gone to, I've posted to realid, and had someone from your group online at the time. They've all had the opportunity to join our group, and will continue to get that opportunity. I hope it works both ways.

TLDR - I've offered many of your raiders an invite to share the tag. If you want to make sure you get that same offer, connect with me in game to share realid info. I'll continue to do it, and hope it goes the both ways.

p.s. - When we "swoop in" it's not to prevent someone else, we just want to get in, get it done, and get back to what we were doing. It may be a byproduct of what we do, but we're not trying to block anyone from gearing. It never even crosses our mind.
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11/08/2012 06:15 PMPosted by Davetheslave
The bads are mads I fear.

Dave I miss you qtpie.
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When looking at this we have to consider three key aspects that I fear are being overlooked:

1. Are horde in the area wanting to tag and kill it also.
2. Are Horde deliberately attempting to flag themselves in the hope that it may wipe the raid by either avoidable or unavoidable means.
3. Does the raid group being assembled have the capability that in the event Horde are flagged can do their respective tasks without jeopardising the raid.

There are a few mechanics at play that we may exploit for our means also. Firstly if a member in a raid group that holds the tag leaves said raid group to either form their own or join another assembled raid group by association that second raid group also gets the tag. This means that provided the first group on the scene has the tag and is capable of holding it til others show up we can in fact start getting a lot more people involved. This means more loot for others whilst reducing the risk of wipe.

Secondly in the experience of this raider in the last few weeks it does only take one person to become flagged for a group to become unbalanced into PvP combat. Whilst PvP is fun it can be avoided simply by ensuring whilst aoeing you do not tab target or shift your focus from Galleon. In other words keep Galleon targeted, aoe the adds, continue to dps the boss. This ensures healers don't get flagged, and tanks remain alive.

Finally learn mechanics of what is happening. Most tanks have seen the fight and experienced it from either tanking Galleon itself or tanking adds. Galleon is untauntable so secondary tanks are attempting to generate threat so if the MT goes down they are ready to step in. It also means that if a tank either RW or yells for a CD they really need it.

The biggest issue is the players who intend to engage in pvp combat whilst attempting Galleon. It gets healers flagged and in turn, at least in my experience for the last three weeks, results in either a raid wipe or multiple tank deaths leading to a raid wipe.

As for the previous raid in question I wish to address this response directly to you Grace. Both Griphter and I were in that group. We both had the tag on the boss. We also both noticed that dps an healers were becoming PvP flagged. At the time there were two other groups assembling: one a pug group and the other the Meridian group. I joined the pug group which increased the number of active people in the area now with the Galleon flag and Gripther joined the guild group, also increasing the number of active people in the area with a Galleon tag. Can you see where I am going with this? In the event of your group wiping due to pvp flagging and those players releasing and running back to join in the fight there were still two groups , one a 20 odd man raid, the other a 30 odd man raid, that had the active tag and should be killing Galleon. The issue of losing out came when players actively engaging in pvp combat intentionally resulted in the group wiping.

So in future if you wish to engage into speculation regarding my motives or actions then please ask me directly. I can safely speak for myself and somewhat speak for Griphter that our intent was to have as many Aliiance players in the area and active with a tag on Galleon irrespective of what group they may have started in. I do however take offence at the notion that our intent was simply to disrupt your raid. We're in it too to get something out of it and if increasing the success of all players means we win then that is our goal. Although you stated your post was not to "induce drama" you have irresponsibly done so and not just painted a negative shade of grey through slanderous and misinformed accusations on myself and the guild but have ended up with an egg wash of contempt on yourself also.
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I feel the general population of the server has the right to understand where we (Meridian) stand on the topic:

Meridian will not invite pugs to its core raid on Galleon. If you have a raid and want the tag we will send someone to your group to spread it to you without a problem. We did not do this in the first two weeks because we (or I, anyway) was unaware that it could be done.

I believe any questions about why this is the way we handle things is cleared up in Destram's post above.

Enjoy your time in game!
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11/09/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Lasinira
in future if you wish to engage into speculation regarding my motives or actions then please ask me directly

I was not sure how to address you and your guildees together. I did not want to get into a war with words in game. I simply wanted to state how I saw things and attempted to contact your guild via forums to do so. Now that I know if I have something that comes up in the future I will come to you directly if it is something to do with you.

11/09/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Lasinira
painted a negative shade of grey through slanderous and misinformed accusations on myself and the guild

No one but your guild decides what other people think of you. Destram pointed out that your guild does not really care what Ghostlands thinks for them, that may or may not be the case. I can tell you I myself have heard tons of things good and bad about Meridian, but I make up my own mind after I've had a personal run-in with a guild. I am sure there many on Ghostlands who will do the same. What I have taken from this thread: you guys didn't intentionally mean to take loot away from the rest of the alliance on Ghostlands.

I do apologize if my post made you look like the bad guys. As I mentioned before my only intention was to get Galleon loot for my guildees. I posted what it seemed from my perspective, so it could be cleared up which I believe it has. I am like a mother hen I am fiercely protective of my Ockhams Razor guildees, as well as some other Ghostlands people I have become fond of over the years. It seems we are alike in that manner since you are fiercely defensive of your guild, something I admire! :)

11/09/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Lasinira
have ended up with an egg wash of contempt on yourself

I can sincerely say those that know me would realize I only had the intentions of my guildees and those of Keepers, Libertas, Shadows Edge etc(some of the other guilds that were in my two raids when we attempted Galleon) at heart. If I have brought a bad name on myself in exchange for Galleon loot for these people then it was a small price to pay :) That being said, I am no long a raider or the GM of Ockhams, (rl called and wanted me back) and if people think I'm a meaniehead it really does not faze me one bit.

11/08/2012 12:59 PMPosted by Destram
I will be the first to drop group and invite people when we have a tag

Thank you Destram!

11/09/2012 11:17 AMPosted by Carnassier
we can make sure we have each others information in order to share the tag

I willl get in touch with you and get your realid. I greatly appreciate this. I would suggest other GMs do this as well and send him or Palin a whisper when you see them engaging Galleon. You are a true gentleman Carnassier, not just with your words but your actions as well!

11/09/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Palinq
If you have a raid and want the tag we will send someone to your group to spread it to you without a problem.

This is all I wanted. Thank you.

I am editing my original post in view of what Destram and Lasinira have said. I don't think anything else needs to be added to this thread. For those of you with the popcorn: move along gentlemen, you will find no drama here.
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lol@slanderous . all parties need to step back and take a long look. please do not defame my cartoon character or its said guild!!!
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{◕ ◡ ◕}
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