We are a family friendly guild looking to recruit some more people. We have room for one healer, currently, either resto shaman or holy paladin, and 2-3 more dps. We're looking for mages, warlocks, shadow priests, elemental shamans, and enhance shamans, so any combination of them would be great.

So, a little about us.

We're not your typical guild. We believe in a mutually respectful atmosphere. We feel that real life does and should come first. That said, we do have a guild to run and that does mean that we expect raiders to attend most of the weekly raid events.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday from 7:30 PM server time until 11:00 PM server time. We take a 5-10 minute break midway through raid, and we get stuff done.

We do all recruitment via application on our website, so if you're interested in raiding with us, please visit our site at aethernauts.enjin.com and put in an application with us!